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Car Leasing vs PCP
In this guide we explain the similarities and differences between car leasing and PCP so you can choose the right car financing option for you.
Bad Credit Car Leasing Companies Family
Years ago car leasing was mainly aimed at businesses, however this has all changed, and there is a huge growth in personal car leasing in the UK
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Working at CVS Ltd means I get to talk to a lot of people every day who need a car, but have a bad credit score meaning they are constantly getting turned away by mainstream finance companies. The most common question is, can I lease a car with bad credit?, and of course the answer from us is, yes you can. There are a lot of interesting questions that are asked by potential customers so here are some explanations to help you.
Frosted windscreens are coming back in fashion. frosted windscreensfrosted windscreensThis morning I heard the 'F' word on the BBC, I was shocked at Carol Kirkwood BBC's weather lady but hey, there it is FROST, and it is coming!With winter just around the corner, it’s time to start preparing your car and yourself for the winter months ahead. While the UK winters aren’t as cold or extreme as many other parts of the world, we are still subjected to freezing temperatures and the odd snowfall. It’s these adverse weathe [...]
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