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Which cars have the best in car entertainment?

For many people when it comes to choosing a car it is no longer just about the performance of the car itself but also the in car entertainment which can play a major part in the final decision.

Digital technology, has, of course, made a huge impact in the way both in car entertainment and even information is delivered and with a huge range of technology on offer, especially in term of the more familiar audio systems, we take a look at which cars really do have the best in-car entertainment.

Car audio systems in the Volkswagen CC  When it came to configuring a sound system for the Volkswagen CC, Danish company Dynaudio settled on a 600-watt system with 10 speakers and a 10 channel digital amplifier, which features Digital Sound Processor technology. For a complete all round sound experience that gives home stereo system quality, this car has it a [...]
Mp Player
Are we there yet? Keeping the kids entertained on long journeys.

Visiting relatives is a great way to spend the holidays, particularly if you don’t get to see them that often. But if you know you have a long journey ahead of you, keeping the kids entertained can be quite a daunting prospect.

However, thanks to all the many gadgets and gizmos available for entertainment these days, you really have nothing to worry about. Here we will help you to think of some of the best ways you can avoid, or even just delay the inevitable “are we there yet?”

keeping kids entertained long journeys, electronic help! DVD player

A portable DVD is a great way for your children to watch their favourite cartoons or films on a long journey.

Make sure it is fully charged before you leave, you have plenty of DVD's to choose from, and there are [...]

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