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Iva Car Lease
Personal debt in the UK is on the rise, it is said that the average household now owes £12,887 this is before any mortgages are taken into account, however the stats do include student loans which are equally on the increase. Don't bury your head in the sand - get help!
Boxing Day Sales we spend millions Its was estimated that that 22 million of us hit the high streets on Boxing day last year.  It really does amaze me that after all the shopping we have endured on the build up to Christmas, that so many of us want to go through that again.  However according to Martin Lewis, founder of money saving expert "Deals are almost always better in the Boxing Day Sales" So perhaps I need to start changing my mind thought on this.  If only I had not totally maxed out all my credit cards already! boxing day salesIt really is no wonder that so many of us find ourselves in a situation of bad debt after Christmas, wanting to make sure that our family and friends have the best time.  Along with delicious deals on Boxing Day that we cannot resist. Although we are just round the corner from Black Friday where we spent an estimated £6 billion over that particular weekend, [...]
Christmas shopping has become expensive and bad debt quickly mounts up. shopping and bad debt Christmas is a magical time of the year. It is a time that brings everyone together and enables us to spend time with our loved ones while reflecting on the year that has passed. It is a special time for all and for the whole month of December, and several months prior to that, the Christmas shopping begins. Over the decades, Christmas has evolved. It has gone from being about spending time with family to spending money on gifts, some may say the enjoyment of giving has been surpassed by the expectation of having to purchase the most expensive and up-to-date gifts. Modern Christmas Lists expensive shopping and bad debt Children put together their Christmas lists, lists that have [...]
Car leasing – Unknown Fear

With so many fantastic car leasing deals on the market for prime and sub prime customers I wonder – Why aren’t more people leasing their cars? Is it simply a fear of the unknown?

As the Marketing Manager of CVS Ltd I have been following up with existing customers, and customers who were accepted yet decided not to go ahead with a deal.  The results have been interesting and I hope will levitate your concerns regarding car leasing - unknown fear.

Broken promises

car leasing - unknown fearOne of the most frustrating things about car shopping online, and something I have found recently with my own search for a new [...]

Lots of people these days find themselves with a bad credit scores.

Your credit score is a vital part of your life as this will determine how successful you will be when applying for affordable finance, if you have a bad credit score you will find yourself being declined by mainstream.  Lenders will look at your credit score before anything else and if it is not up to scratch you will find yourself being declined, and if you are declined this will impact even further on your existing credit score.

There are a few credit reference agencies out there but the main ones are Experian and Equifax each one will probably have a different credit score for you, for example if you have good credit with one you may fall into poor credit with the other.  Each time you apply for finance from a lender that lender will then allocate you

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