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If you are looking to gain finance of any kind, the company you are applying to will run a credit check on you by looking at your credit history. A credit history is a view of any credit accounts you have had, and will show whether you have made repayments on time, and in full
Snow Uk Roads
Winter Driving –

Snow & cars a dangerous combination?

snow driving

Now that winter is just around the corner we’re sure that everyone will be hoping for a snow and ice-free winter season this year.

This is because, pretty though it is to look at, snow unfortunately seems to bring the country grinding to a halt.

Even when there has been a minuscule snowfall leaving a couple of centimetres worth of the white stuff on the ground everything turns to chaos. Public transport of all kinds withdraw their schedules at the drop of a hat, schools close, hospitals go onto [...]

Personal car leasing advantages Years ago, obtaining a car was a fairly simple affair. You got your dad to give you a few driving lessons, then you went with a professional instructor to iron out the mistakes, then you passed your test. Then you bought your first car. It was usually an old banger bought for a few hundred pounds and although you were proud of it you would soon grow tired of it breaking down.personal car leasing advantagesWell now there is a different way. Leave behind the old banger's and start dreaming of a brand new model. Personal car leasing is the way forward and is the most popular method chosen by people who want to get into a new car. But for those who are unsure of what personal car leasing is and whether it could be right for you here is some information to help make up your mind. Personal car l [...]
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It's very frustrating when you are a new company and you want to lease a company car or van to visit customers and or deliver your products and services. Yet find yourself in a situation where mainstream companies will not accept you.
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