Are you struggling to obtain credit in order to buy a car

How to drive a better car than you can buy

Are you struggling to obtain credit in order to buy a car

How do you get a car with bad credit or no credit history?

struggling to obtain creditAre you struggling to obtain credit in order to buy a car? Have you been turned down for loans and HP because of bad credit or a lack of credit history?

There are many reasons why you may struggle to get any type of finance. You may have a poor credit history having defaulted on past agreements. You may live with or have lived with someone who has a bad credit rating. If you are a new business in your first year of trading you won’t have a full set of accounts to show how much your business is turning over, in fact it could be 2-3 years before you have enough trading accounts to obtain credit.

Funding a vehicle can prove difficult and you may feel like you are running out of options

For many people transport is key to conduct their daily lives. Being unable to purchase a vehicle can be a big problem. If you are a new business you will more than likely need a vehicle to conduct your daily business. If you need a vehicle for private use it may be your lifeline for getting around. Securing a lump sum of cash to purchase a vehicle upfront could be a problem and if you are struggling to obtain the money by any form of borrowing what other options are open to you?struggling to obtain credit

If you are struggling to obtain credit, have you considered Contract Lease Hire?

Contract Lease Hire is, as the name would suggest, a form of leasing a vehicle on a contract. You generally lease the vehicle for a period of 2-4 years agreeing to a mileage term that should not be exceeded during that term. You also have to maintain the vehicle and ensure it is kept in good condition with its service requirements upheld. At the end of the term you give the vehicle back at which point you may be in a better financial position or you may choose to continue and take out an agreement on a different car.

Drive a better car than you can afford to buy

struggling to obtain creditThe great thing about contract lease hire is that you could be in a better car than you would be able to buy if you were paying upfront or on an HP agreement.

With contract lease hire the affordable monthly payments allow you to get more car for your money. You can choose a better brand of car or you can enjoy a much better spec on the vehicle that you would have chosen in its basic format.

You will know in advance how much your fixed monthly payments, are and for how long, and with contract hire you will be in a new or nearly new car which is a much more reliable solution than finding the funds for a second hand car.

Sounds to be good to be true? well for once it is not bad credit car leasing.

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