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Skoda Octavia Review

Skoda Octavia review

Skoda Octavia ReviewIf you’re looking for an affordable, spacious family vehicle, then you can’t really go wrong with the Skoda Octavia. A large hatchback, it competes with the VW Golf on price, but is more like the VW Passat in size.

Aside from the 1.0 models, all versions up from the base S trim have different driving modes -Eco, Normal and Sport. But while the idea of driving in Sport may seem a fun option, it can make the steering heavy and Normal mode is much better.

Driving and features

You can’t fault the Octavia for forward visibility. The windscreen pillars don’t obscure your view which is often the case in similar build cars. But the over-the-shoulder visibility isn’t as good due to the thick rear pillars blocking the view.

Parking-wise, the car offers no real issues. Front and rear parking sensors are an option on most models. And as the Skoda Octavia is a long car, sensors could be a worthwhile investment for peace of mind.Skoda Octavia Review

The entry-level version of the Octavia comes with a 1.0-litre petrol engine. The car is effective both when out driving on local roads and cruising on the motorway. So buyers don’t have to choose between either of the larger engines – 1.4 and 1.8 – that are available.

If you don’t fancy a manual transmission then there is the option of an automatic gearbox, which performs smoothly.

The Skoda Octavia more marathon than sprinter

In general, Skoda Octavia offers quite a comfortable drive and is a good choice for long commutes. It performs at its best at high speed, offering smooth long-distance cruising. But around town it offers quite a different experience. At slower speeds, it tends to pick up any uneven road surface or potholes which can certainly be felt in the cabin.


Skoda Octavia ReviewThe driver’s seat is adjustable, which means that you can set it to whatever is comfortable for you as a driver. You will also find that the pedals are in a good position, too, allowing for easy handling – whereas other models can be slightly uncomfortable to switch between pedals when necessary.

The touchscreen display is great to use, and easy to navigate, meaning that there is nothing complicated that could be confusing while driving.

Leasing the Skoda Octavia

The entry-level versions of this car are undoubtedly cheap. But as soon as you start adding on the extra options, the price rises dramatically. The base model is so well accomplished at both city and motorway driving and has all the basics you would need, you may find that there is no need to go for any add-ons.  Fantastic personal leasing deals available on the Octavia get in touch with us today.

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