School Run Ideal Cars

It’s that time of year, you’re breathing a sigh of relief that the kids aren’t under your feet 24/7.  The alarm is set for earlier than normal, and that daily ritual rears its ugly head once again – the school run.

At CVS we have shortlisted 5 SUV’s (Sports Utility Vehicles) which we think would be ideal for getting the kids to school on time, and with the minimum of fuss.

Nissan Qashqai – Available in several different trim levels, Nissan has refined the current model considerably, and has more equipment and more space, yet manages to be 40kg lighter.  Tech includes park assist, heated windscreen – for those gloomy, dark, wet mornings, blind spot warning, and moving object detection. All of these will make your morning drive more comfortable, both physically and mentally.

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Darcia Duster Mobile

Dacia Duster-The new kid on the block – not as established as the other cars featured, this no frills vehicle is not to be overlooked. If you are of the mind that the more simple a car is, the more reliable it will be – this is the one for you.  It is perfectly functional, and a great all rounder,  but don’t expect it to park itself. The Duster is a good SUV, but for Ford Fiesta money.

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Fiat 500X – The stylish member of the pack, yet not quite as radical as the smaller 500. Options include ‘City Brake’ autonomous emergency braking system, 5” touch screen infotainment system and an almost endless list of personalisation extras, maybe even more than the new Mini.  This is sure to appeal to appearance conscious parents who want to still look ‘cool’ on the school run.

Fiat 5oo X available to lease from CVS Ltd, specifically for people with a bad credit score.

Fiat X Cutout Mobile
Mokka Mobile

Vauhall Mokka- The ‘Mokka’ is a great school run car giving great visibility all round, which is great for the driver and passengers. The Mokka comes with front and rear parking sensors as standard so easy to park on the busy street surrounding the school gates.  The doors on the Mokka open nice and wide which is great when loading and unloading your children, along with fitting in child seats.  There is a great cubbyhole for purse/wallet and house keys for those that are rushing in the mornings.  There is plenty of room on the back seat for the kids giving enough space to help towards a peaceful run to school.  Every Mokka comes with a DAB radio, Bluetooth, a USB socket and audio controls on the steering wheel.

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For those busy working families who would like to have one of the above SUV’s but are unable to afford to buy one then perhaps you should consider a leasing option.

Affording an SUV

Finding the money to buy a new SUV outright for most of us is almost impossible, with all other monthly bills to be considered, buying a new car is not always an option. 

You may consider buying second-hand, but unless you have a good mechanical knowledge, this in its self can be a lottery.  You could end up spending a large amount of money in one go on a second-hand car, then finding that you have brought something which is going to become a catalogue of problems.

There are other ways of getting a new or nearly new SUV without the hassle and worry – why not lease?

Leasing an SUV means you do not have to pay out a huge amount of money initially, and monthly payments are fixed so you know exactly what you will be paying out which is great when you are a family on a budget.  There are a huge amount of mainstream car leasing companies out there offering great deals on SUV’s, put a couple of hours aside and really doing your homework to get the best deal. 

If you do not fall into mainstream (have a good credit score) and many people do not, then you can still get a great deal on a SUV.  CVS Ltd are specialist in bad credit car leasing take a look at the cars on offer, however they are just an example of cars and payment options, meaning every payment plan is flexible.  It’s worth getting in touch and discussing what you can afford as an initial payment, and what you can afford monthly, CVS can tailor a leasing agreement to suit your individual circumstances.

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