Save our classic cars from becoming extinct

Classic cars becoming extinct

Like many drivers, I look back on the many cars I have owned since passing my driving test, and realise that sadly a few of them are classic cars becoming extinct.  The once very cheaply brought cars then, are racking up in price now.  We are of course wise after an event, but if you had put your first car away, how much would it be worth now?

classic cars becoming extinctMy first car was a Ford XR3, I loved that car, I saved like mad to buy it with a bit of help from my parents.  It was not expensive in comparison to some of the cars around and was second hand when I brought ‘her’, if I remember correctly it cost me about £700.  This car when I decided to upgrade should have been put somewhere nice and safe, why? Because there are, according to, last year there are only 101 of them licensed left in the UK, and if you have a search around there are very few available for sale, in fact in a quick search I couldn’t find one!  The XR3i’s are all fetching a few thousand!

My next car was a Ford Capri Mrk 1 and to be honest its only in my later life that I truly appreciate the look of this car.  I would love to have one classic cars becoming extinctnow, I love the shape.  Incredibly according to there are only 336 registered Ford Capri’s licensed in the UK last year, with each different model
decreasing in numbers each year.

Finally, I reflect back on my old Ford Cortina mrk4, which I brought second-hand from a garage for £300, my friends used to take the mickey out of me because of the arm rest in the back, asking if I was ‘doing any weddings’ at the weekend.  But she classic cars becoming extinctnever let me down, in the 4 years I owned her she never went wrong and always started.  In total, almost 2.6 million Ford Cortina’s were sold in Britain, and now it is said that last year there were only 1.3k registered vehicles. Time to buy one, put it somewhere safe and dry whilst you can pick them up at a fair price before they reduce in numbers.

The fact is, our wonderful classic cars are reducing in numbers year on year, and many of our once popular cars from the past are disappearing at an alarming rate!

Classic cars becoming extinct are worth an investment


In my opinion buying a classic car is worth investing in, try looking at the not so popular models which you can pick up at a reasonable price.  Some models which are uglier and not sort after now, in the future as their numbers decline should start going up in price.  So don’t listen to your mates who will mock you for buying what may be considered a rubbish car, stick it somewhere safe and dry and reap the rewards in years to come!

Classic cars which are close to extinction include-

Morris Marina – best selling car of the 1970’s its numbers are dwindling fast with only approximately 47 on the road today.

Austin Montego – Selling in the early 80’s to the mid 90’s, this car found itself being scrapped because it could not run on unleaded fuel without a conversion. Only 203 left registered.

Datsun Cherry – My Mum had this car, she loved it, even after I drove it into a garden wall! So many have been scrapped that registered numbers have fallen to 95.

Alfa Romeo Alfasud – This car suffered from major rust problems, which is a huge shame as back in the day (1970’s) it left it competitors behind on performance. 84 left registered on the road.

Vauxhall Belmont – High on the car theft list in 2003, this car has now gone down to a staggering 80 left on our roads.

Skoda 130 – 136 Rapid – Just 34 left running on our roads!

Fiat Mirafiori – This is a great example of why investing in classic cars can pay off.  With only 20 left this old classic from the late 1970’s could set you back £10,000

Invest you hard earned cash on a classic, and lease your daily car.  

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