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Subprime and bad credit personal car leasing from CVS Ltd

Subprime personal leasing means you do not fall into mainstream car leasing due to a bad or poor credit score.


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The UK is beginning to understand the benefit of car leasing, furthermore, even with a poor or bad credit score or with no credit history, you can still get a great deal on a personal car lease.  Car leasing and finance are available to all and is a great way to get behind the wheel of a new, or nearly new car that you perhaps could not afford to buy outright.  If you have a business or you are a new business then take a look at our business leasing page.

How does CVS Ltd differ from mainstream leasing companies?

At CVS Ltd we specialise in customers with a poor or bad credit score or have no credit history, we will look at your personal car lease application as an individual case.  We are only looking at your current circumstances. We look at affordability and traceability and offer excellent bad credit car leasing deals. Take a look at our example cars and prices to see what you can get for your budget.

car leasing with bad credit

Leasing a car will require an initial payment and the amount very much depends on what you can afford, and what payment profile you believe is affordable to you.

The CVS Team have many years of experience and knowledge to help you to choose the right no credit check payment profile.  CVS have their own underwriters therefore unlike many leasing companies there are no third parties, we are able to get a decision to you within 2 working days.  Furthermore we are able to create a leasing agreement to suit your individual requirements, so even if you find the car you want but not the payment plan you want – just get in touch and we will work with you to create a payment plan specifically for you. Our services also mean you can finance a car for someone else.

Once you have been approved, and a payment profile has been established, the CVS Team will begin to search for a car which meets your requirements.

Assuming that there are no unforeseen circumstances we are able to have your car ready within 10 days.

We accept customers with IVAs, CCJs and Bankruptcies, call us today!

  • I love my new car, thanks for all your help!Customer Quote
  • Great people to deal with. Kept informed all through the paper chase with a brilliant car on my drive in less that a fortnight from start to finish. Thanks Guys Darren PDarren P
  • Exceptionally friendly and informative. Really try to find the vehicle of choiceCustomer Quote
  • First time leasing a car, the process was smooth sailing from start to finish. Brilliant customer service, made me feel so comfortable and would continue leasing with CVS. Massive thank you to Ben and Graham, loving my 2016 Focus.Customer Quote
  • Polite staff; approachable and helpful. Smooth process from start to finish, would definitely recommended CVS for leasing services.Customer Quote

What are the benefits of personal car leasing, even with an adverse credit file?

People from all walks of life, and for all manner of reasons can find their leasing applications being refused by mainstream leasing companies due to an insufficient credit score.

adverse credit file lending

One of the most common ways of getting behind the wheel of a new or nearly new car is with bad credit car leasing. Many people who decide to lease rather than purchase generally do because of the depreciation that is experienced with new cars.  With our car leasing agreements you do not own the car, so you do not have to worry about how much the car is worth at the end of your agreement, simply hand back the vehicle. Get all the information on leasing a car with Compass Vehicle Services.

What are my options when my Personal car lease ends?

Hand the vehicle back – providing you’re within your contracted mileage and the vehicle condition is within the fair wear and tear standards then you will face no further charges.

Renew your lease – over 90% of our customers renew their lease with us and generally upgrade their model.

Further benefits include:

Fixed Monthly Payments– Stay on top of your finances with fixed monthly payments.

bad credit personal car leasing - Business man in car

Car leasing for professionals with bad credit company car allowance


No Depreciation Worries– No need to worry about your car depreciating in price as you simply hand it back at the end of your agreement.

Initial Payments Can Be Negotiable – Discuss with the CVS team in the beginning what initial payment you can afford.

Road Tax Included – Renewing and financing road tax is included in your deal as you’re not the registered owner of the vehicle

Access To Better Cars – Your budget can get you a better car.

Flexible ContractPoor credit car leasing agreements can be negotiated to suit you and your personal needs.

Check out our NHS car leasing deals that are well suited to health professionals with a bad credit history.

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