Parking tickets in the Christmas shopping rush! don’t get caught out!

High risk of parking tickets at Christmas

We will soon be entering the Christmas shopping rush, some of us will already be prepared and have the shopping covered, some of us will do the majority of shopping on line, and the rest of us will hit the streets and face the crowds.

Where there are crowds there are cars, and where there are cars there are no parking spaces, and where there are no spaces there are, ‘I’m going to be quick’ car spaces, and those usually lead to parking tickets!

It may be tempting to abandon your car to flit into a shop to perhaps pick up a parcel quickly, or risk creating a parking space in a car park at the end of a row outside of the lines.  Even if you think you will be back in no time you can be sure you are playing parking tickets lottery!

Wheels off the pavement

If you find yourselves driving around trying to find a space to park you may be tempted to park on the pavement.  Two wheels up two on the road, leaving a small space for pedestrians and enough for cars to get by.  However even if there are no yellow lines to be seen, parking on a pavement could result in you getting a parking ticket.

Depending on where you live and your local council, you could find yourself returning with a penalty notice slapped on your windscreen.

If you are allowed to park on the pavement, then it will be indicated. Make sure that you check for signage.


Check the tariff to avoid parking tickets

You are in a rush you quickly glance at the pay and display pop in your money and you are off!

Don’t forget to check that you can in fact extend your ticket if you need to?  Some car parks do not allow you to return within a certain time.

Make sure your ticket is easily seen by the traffic wardens, facing up in the windscreen to avoid getting parking tickets that although you will not have to pay by providing evidence, (not in all cases) will be a timely exercise that you could do without especially at this time of year.

Keep a check on your time, we all have mobiles these days so put an alarm on your phone to go off 10 minutes before your ticket time is up.  It is so easy to lose track of time when you are thinking of what to get the kids, your mum, and aunt Mable for Christmas.

Parking Bays

Avoid the temptation of creating your own parking bay at the end of a row or where you deem it is OK to park.  Even if you buy a ticket and display you will still be given parking tickets.

Rent a driveway

If you are going into a town it is worth checking out rent able driveways, these are becoming increasingly popular, mainly with people near event venues and train stations.  However, when we are all out in our cars over the lead up to Christmas it may be worth your while investigating into this.

More and more homeowners are now renting out their driveway to motorists wanting the convenience and security of parking their car.  Doing so may mean you pay a little more for parking, but your space is guaranteed and you’re sure to avoid parking tickets.

Free Parking

Yes you read correctly, some councils really do provide free parking on certain days in the lead up to Christmas.  Good luck with finding a space though as everyone will want a taste of that action!

Christmas is an expensive and sometimes stressful time of year, don’t make it more so by getting parking tickets.

If you find yourself in a car that is hard to park because it is older and does not have the luxury of parking sensors, perhaps it’s time to upgrade.  If on top of needing a new car you also have a bad credit score you may feel there is no hope. 

Lucky for you CVS Ltd are a bad credit car leasing company and will be able to help you get that car upgrade at an affordable price.


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