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To begin with lets look at a credit profile.

Before we look into no credit history car leasing lets take a look at credit profiles.  Products such as credit cards, mortgages and mobile phone contracts register witnocredithistoryh the three credit reference agencies which are Experan, Equifax and CallCredit, when you are looking to get finance the lenders will go to the credit reference agencies (CRA’s) they will then get information about you which will help them decide if they should go ahead and lend to you.

Other organisations that use CRA’s are those that provide savings accounts this is to satisfy money laundering regulations for checking identities and verifying addresses.  If they are unable to find the information they require it is more than likely they will ask for more supporting documents.

If you have nothing showing up on your profile, due to the fact that you have never engaged in a financial contract of any sort that would be registered with the CRA’s or if you are young and have not yet entered into any type of contract you could find yourself being declined by mainstream companies because you have no credit history.

So how do you know if you have no credit history?

If you are young and do not have any type of contract then the chances are very high, but if you are unsure then you can acquire a copy of your your statutory credit report the report will cost approximately £2, this can be obtained from either of the CRA’s which are Experian, EquiFax or CallCredit.


It is important to lenders to get an understanding of your credit history so they can check that you are a reliable customer, that you have a good history of being able to manage payments.

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What is no credit history car leasing?

As explained above without a credit history most mainstream car leasing companies will decline your application, it is important to understand that if you are declined then this could also have a negative effect on your credit profile.  At CVS we only do subprime car leasing so we already know that you have a problem with gaining finance, therefore we do not base our decision on credit scores.

Why will CVS Ltd accept a no credit history car leasing agreement when mainstream companies will not?

been declined imageWe are a small family run company which means we are able to deliver a personal service to our customers treating each leasing application individually, we look at the following criteria can you afford the repayments and are you traceable, we do not base our decision on your credit score.

What we will need from you.

We will require you to complete our leasing application form (Complete our online form Personal or Business) and provide us with 3 months bank statements and a copy of your drivers licence.  We will put forward your completed application form and supporting documents to our in house underwriters and they will make the decision on whether you will be accepted, it is only at this time and they have accepted your application we will then check your credit profile.

Once the process has been completed we will contact you within 2 working days to notify you of the decision made.

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Young drivers information

Please note that we have many young drivers leasing from us, to help with your application you are able to apply for a lease jointly with a family friend or partner.

You will also be interested toyoung_driver_image know that you can apply for a lease car on a provisional drivers licence, but you will have to show insurance documents for the car before collecting and all other legalities to being a learner driver in the UK apply.

Take a look at our example cars and prices, but remember we can create an individual leasing agreement to meet your budget, with an initial payment from as little as £500! For more information contact us to find out more

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