No Credit check car leasing

No credit check car leasing, is it possible?

No Credit check? but what is a credit check?

no credit check car leasing

If you are looking to gain finance of any kind, the company you are applying to will run a credit check on you by looking at your credit history.  A credit history is a view of any credit accounts you have had, and will show whether you have made repayments on time, and in full.  Any late payments or missed payments will stay on your credit report for at least 6 years. Any court judgements for non payment of debts will also be recorded, such as bankruptcies and IVAs (individual voluntary arrangements).

Your credit history determines your credit score which can vary slightly depending on the credit agency.

It is worth noting that every time a company does a credit check on you it will effect your score in a negative manner.  Therefore it is always better for you to know your credit score before applying for any credit.  What you do not want to do is keep trying different companies and keep being declined, thus further damaging your score.

no credit check car leasing, the application stage

At CVS Ltd we have our own underwriters, a CVS underwriter in an entity that evaluates a person and decides if they are in a position to be able to undertake a finance agreement, and then releases the funds.  Our underwriters will look at your application and any supporting evidence you have sent in and will make a decision in principle if you are to be declined or accepted.  It is only when our underwriters have in principle accepted you that we will then run a credit check on you.  no credit check car leasing

At CVS Ltd we do not look at your credit score, therefore the main reason for the credit check is to know and understand our customers.  This process is regulated by the FCA and is necessary with all accepted applications.  

However please remember that at CVS ltd we are not making a decision on your history, if you did not have a finance history problem you would not be coming to us!

No credit check car leasing in summary

no credit check car leasing

No credit check on application as we are not interested in your credit score or credit history, only on the here and now.

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