New year resolution its make or break time!

New Year Resolutions we make them but rarely stick to them!

new year resolution - stop drinking

So here we are again, that time of year when you think about making a change in your life and decide on a new year resolution.

The top new year’s resolutions made by Brits:-

Losing weight

Giving up Smoking

Giving up or reducing Alcohol intake

Joining a gym

Healthier diet

Get organised

Spend less and save more

Keeping to your New Year Resolution

lose-weightIt is estimated that one third of us will have broken our new year resolution by the end of January.  By the end of the year it is thought that just 10% of us will have actually stuck to our new year’s resolution.

The best way to stick to your new year resolution is make one that is realistic.

We are all busy in life and for many of us money is a big issue so signing up to a year’s gym membership is costly and for many finding the time to go regularly to get your money’s worth is virtually impossible.  Lots of people sign up in the hope it will make them go, but remember in many cases you cannot cancel so think very carefully before spending year resolution - Join a gym

If the thought of not having a drink makes you tremble, then perhaps think about cutting down rather than completely stopping.  In many cases the thought of not being able to do something makes you want it more!

Do not deny yourself food! Everything in moderation, be sensible and allow yourself a treat occasionally.  Try and be organised by preparing your lunch for work the night before, rather than grabbing a take out at lunch time.  This will also save you money in the long run ‘spend less and save more’ will also get a nice big tick by doing this!

Tips on achieving your new year resolution

Its best to make just one new year resolution that you can really focus on, however don’t pick one that you have failed in the past.  Remember everyone is different so don’t base your goal on other people’s achievements.  Your friend can probably run 1000 miles in a year, but that is because they are already very fit and run 10 miles twice a week.  If you are not a runner and just starting out for example set yourself a lower target, anything over will be a boost to your achievement!

new year resolution - quit smokingShare your New Year resolution with your family and friends so they can help and support you. They will also be more understanding when you become moody!

Remember that most people will have a setback, so try and persevere by reminding yourself of the benefits of what you are achieving.

Allow yourself treats when you reach certain goals, to help you on your way.

When did New year resolutions start?

New year resolutions can be traced back to ancient times and even further back with similarities to religious traditions marked at the beginning of a new year.

I wish you all well with your new resolutions, my one is to cut back on my alcohol consumption – Wish me luck!

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