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A new smart parking project, coming to a town near you.

New smart parking project

Finding parking spaces in our cities can be a real lottery, so the announcement of the new smart parking project, if successful, could be the answer to all our prayers.

The new smart parking project is the latest in digital transport innovation, and has the backing of £4 million in funding, and is being rolled out to 19 local authorities.

Who will benefit first?

The new smart parking project will be located in Coventry, Luton, Milton Keynes and Oxfordshire, with a partner project between Hounslow, Hammersmith, Fulham and Westminister.  The new scheme looks to improve the use of electric cars by alerting the driver to the nearest available charging point, along with finding parking spaces and assisting Taxis.

How will the new smart parking project work?

new smart parking project

Taxi drivers will benefit from new project

The scheme will alert drivers to parking restrictions as well as available spaces to help avoid unnecessary looping of streets which can cause traffic problems.  Once the new smart parking, which will be in the form of an app, locates a space in real-time, it will guide you to a space.  Furthermore with the app you will also be able to pay for your parking whilst still in your car and learn of any parking restriction in place for that space.  This will save time and stop any penalties from unclear parking restrictions, such as permit holders only or 2 hour parking only, although not clear on the DVLA website I am sure that this app will also alert you when you are getting close to time up on your space.

The new smart parking is not just for the public, the scheme is also being rolled out to Taxi drives who find themselves struggling to find spaces on Taxi ranks.  Which should in turn improve the lives of pedestrian waiting times at Taxi ranks.

It is said that the data gathered by the new smart parking project will help local authorities get a better understanding of travel patterns and behaviours.  This information could then be interpreted to make changes to parking restriction in certain areas.

new smart parking project

Parking sensor in Cardiff

Smart parking has already been established in certain areas of the UK including Cardiff where parking sensors are placed in the road at parking hot spots within the city, the information again is sent to an app helping drivers park more easily.

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