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New penalties to drivers who use their mobile phones.

New mobile phone penalties

new mobile phone penaltiesA new national campaign has been launched to raise awareness of driving while on a mobile phone, and the dangers it causes.  We are set to see stricter penalties and fines introduced from March the 1st 2017.

The new mobile phone penalties will see offending drivers receive 6 penalty points and a £200 fine, even if it is your first offence!

New Campaign introducing the new mobile phone penalties

The new # being used #itcanwait has been running to help promote the dangers and to make drivers aware of the new enforcement that will be in place. new mobile phone penalties

During this campaign, we have seen

  • targeted patrols using unmarked vehicles to help catch offenders.
  • Local partnerships have been encouraged to help deter people from taking risks
  • There have been digital campaigns targeting people thought to be the worst offenders.
  • Communities have been getting involved to spot repeat offenders and report to the police.
  • The main focus being that the new penalties will be in place from March the 1st.

Will the new mobile phone penalties make a difference?

new mobile phone penaltiesI hope it does make a difference if it means saving lives, but I have to say that even if I pop out for 5 minutes on the road in my town I see at least one person on their phone.  The most worrying are the ones looking down on their laps to send a text message!

We already have penalties in place, do I think this will make a difference, actually I don’t, but I do feel that like smoking it will become more socially unacceptable and it will be that deters drivers.

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