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New diesel emission scheme

Khan Call to the Government over new diesel emission scheme.

new diesel emission schemeAs we see our capital become more polluted, and city hall advising people to avoid going out unnecessarily on worst effected days, Sadiq Khan the capitals Mayor is calling for the government to help make changes.

What would the new diesel emission scheme entail?

Khan is asking for the government to pay motorists with diesel fuelled vehicles £3,500 to help persuade them to scrap their vehicles.  The scrappage scheme which would cost an estimated £500m will see offers being made to low income families and businesses to get rid of their old vehicles.  Furthermore he would also like to see a change in car tax to help sway motorist from choosing an older diesel vehicle to purchase.

Who would be paid?

Khans proposal would see van drivers in London being given £3500 towards a cleaner model of van, whilst low income households could receive £2000 they could put towards alternative transport.  City hall believe that if the scheme was successful then we could see the scheme rolled out nationally to help other cities with their pollution diesel emission scheme

Good news to help with vehicle upgrades.

Although the amount potentially paid will not buy a better car in one go, it will go a long way to help you lease one.  By using your payment as an initial payment you could find yourself driving a brand new vehicle with very low monthly repayments.  After the 3 years of your lease simply exchange for another new one.  At CVS Ltd if you are renewing with us, and have been making payments regularly then you could simply renew, and take a new car without putting down another initial payment.

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