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We understand that a credit score is not always reflective of someone’s current financial situation. For this reason we don’t base our lending decisions on credit scores. Instead we ask you to demonstrate affordability and traceability.

If you have any questions about our lease deals or would like more information on our bad credit car leasing agreements, then get in touch with us – our advisers are here to help, and they can talk you through the application process and advise on any special offers.

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Bad Credit Car Leasing. Got Bad Credit? Decision not based on credit score.

How to Apply for Car Leasing in Manchester

Get in touch by either filling out the quick contact form, or call 01342837110 to start discussing your leasing options for your individual requirement.

The CVS Ltd advisers will be able to confidentially discuss your current financial status, and what sort of budget you are able to afford.  Once a budget has been established the discussion of which car your require, and how CVS Ltd are able to create a leasing deal that will work for you.

At CVS Ltd we are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), we are responsible ‘lenders’.  Therefore it is important that we discuss a leasing agreement that is affordable to your individual circumstances.

There are many reasons why people find themselves with a bad credit or poor credit score, but unlike mainstream leasing companies, CVS Ltd looks at your affordability and traceability.

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Bad Credit Car Lease - Any Make or Model of Vehicle Available

Can I Lease Any Car?

The simple answer is yes.  You can choose the vehicle that best suits your business or personal leasing needs.

All you need to do is show us that you can afford the monthly payments by way of 3 months worth of current bank statements when you first apply.

We will discuss with you what sort of budget you have, we can then look at the sort of car or van you would like to lease within that budget.  We have Range Rovers to Fiat 500’s leased out currently and offer great deals on all cars and all models.

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Car Leasing Manchester

About Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester is a metropolitan county in North West England. Made up of ten metropolitan boroughs: Bolton, Bury, Oldham, Rochdale, Stockport, Tameside, Trafford, Wigan, and the cities of Manchester and Salford.

It has a population of around 2.8 million and is landlocked by the counties of Cheshire (to the south-west and south), Derbyshire (to the south-east), West Yorkshire (to the north-east), Lancashire (to the north) and Merseyside (to the west).

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