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Mum Drivers – Mothers day Special

Mother’s Day – A light-hearted look at some facts about mum drivers

It isn’t that long ago that the majority of families only had one car – how things have changed! Nowadays most families have two cars, and the taxi of mum (or sometimes dad) is very busy ferrying children from one club to the next, from school to a party and trying to fit in any appointments, the shopping and pretty much anything else you can think of into the middle of the day whilst children are at school.

Mum Drivers - Mum driving with kids in the back

Mum Drivers or Mums Taxi Service?

With Mother’s Day here (26th March), let us take a light-hearted look at some of the lesser known facts about the army of mum drivers, that group of unofficial chauffeurs who do so much more than we realise.

The school run mum

This is one group of mum drivers you should not mess with; they have one mission in the morning and that is to deliver their children to school on time, and woe betide anyone who gets in the way of them completing this particular task. They either drive huge four by fours, or small reliable slightly battered cars that have children on board stickers in the windows or stick figures of the whole family on the boot.

Mum drivers and music

Whatever music is on in the car the mum driver can be found singing along whether it’s the latest Little Mix song or the Wheels on the Bus (playing for the tenth time in a row), and whilst she may not know all the words she will happily fill the gaps with impromptu humming. Whilst the toddlers in the car will find this hilarious, any children over the age of 8 will probably be cringing…but then that’s part of what being a parent is all about, embarrassing your children!

Passenger beware

Mum Drivers - kids in car

Mum Drivers, its non stop for busy Mums

When it comes to the interior of the car, remember that many mum drivers are very busy and their car is so much more than just a mode of transport, it is an office, a dining room and on occasion a litter bin. If you accept a lift, just push the wrappers and crumbs to one side and find a space to sit – or better yet – declutter while you’re in there and save her a job!

What’s in a name?

Does your mum’s car have a name that you mum refer to it by as though it were a member of the family? If your mum insists that her car has a personality and is called Bertha, or Rosie or actually any other name (and they are usually female names) then she is not alone! In 2014 the AA carried out a survey and 50% of women said their car had a name compared to just 33% of men.

This Mother’s Day why not give you mum a day off from being the driver and let her put her feet up, or better still  you could be the driver and take her out for a meal – chances are, she deserves it. And if you absolutely have to get a lift to somewhere, remember dad’s taxi service may still be available!

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