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Neighbour parking conflicts and disputes

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Respect your neighbour and hopefully, they will respect you – it’s pretty standard behaviour. Unfortunately, however, theory and practice don’t always unite, as one in three disagreements that occur between neighbours is related to parking or cars. With more and more household having two or in some cases, even more, cars, houses and driveways getting smaller and cars getting bigger is it any real wonder that conflicts can occur on an all too regular basis.

image of parking disagreements with locals and neighbours

According to an AA survey carried out in 2013, 33% of disagreements with neighbours are car related. These can be split into the following categories: Blocking access to a property or driveway (1 [...]

Rubbish on our roads

Litter being thrown from a carIf there is one thing I cannot bare it is people throwing litter out of their cars, the other day I followed a car and literally the passenger was just chucking out paper wrappers, plastic bottles, and cans.  I was appalled and it made me wonder what are the laws if any and what can you do as a fellow road user to stop this behaviour. 

What are the laws on throwing litter out of cars?

According to the highway code Rule 147 states ‘you MUST NOT throw anything out of a vehicle; for example, food or food packaging, cigarette ends, cans, paper or carrier bags. This can endanger other road users, particularly motorcyclists and cyclists.‘

It would seem that only London have a penalty in

Cats Eyes
They keep us safe on the UK roads at night, when you drive on a road without them, you miss them!have you ever wondered where cats eyes came from?
Mum Drivers
Mother’s Day – A light-hearted look at some facts about mum drivers

It isn’t that long ago that the majority of families only had one car – how things have changed! Nowadays most families have two cars, and the taxi of mum (or sometimes dad) is very busy ferrying children from one club to the next, from school to a party and trying to fit in any appointments, the shopping and pretty much anything else you can think of into the middle of the day whilst children are at school.

With Mother’s Day here (26th March), let us take a light-hearted look at some of the lesser known facts about the army of mum drivers, that group of unofficial chauffeurs who do so much more than we realise.

The school run mum

This is one group of mum drivers you should not mess with; they have one mission

Drive More Efficiently
If you will be one of the 1.6 million people in the U.K. taking the practical driving test this year, you need to know about some of the major changes coming to the driving test from April 2017.
Uk Race Track Bedford
If you have a need for speed and enjoy getting the most out of your car, then there's an array of great race tracks across the U.K. for you to satisfy your inner racing car driver.
Dogs In Cars
Car journeys with your dog

When it comes to choosing a car we will think about what we would like to drive, how we will fit the kids in comfortably and for many of us UK drivers, will our pet dog/s have enough space.  There are plenty of makes and models of cars to choose from, and depending on the size of your dog or the amount of dogs you have, there is a wide variety of vehicles to choose from.

At CVS Ltd we had an enquiry from a lady for a personal car lease, a Fiat 500 convertible, she stated that it had to be convertible for her dog.  Our Director Ben asked her what dog she had “a great dane” she replied “he likes to sit in the car with his head out the top”.  Now that was definitely a sight I would have liked to have seen!

We choose our cars

Santa Pod
With Easter looming are you wondering what to do with the kids this Easter? Perhaps you have the weekend free and looking for excitement? Well Santa Pod in the UK is well worth a visit!!
Fiat Convertible
The Summer is on its way, perhaps you are considering a convertible? Check out the pros and cons here.
Looking At Alarm Clock In
With the clocks changing this weekend, some drivers may feel more tiered on the Monday. Interesting stats regarding driving and the clocks driving.
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