Motoring news round up from 2016

Best Motoring News Stories

As you might expect the CVS team love everything to do with cars and motoring so here is our round-up of the most interesting motoring news stories from the past year.


  1. Classic cars motoring news – the ladies know their stuff!
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Classic cars

According to research by the classic car insurance specialists Footman James the number of classic cars bought by women has risen by 40% in the last two years. This is thought to be a backlash against poor savings returns prompting financially astute women to turn to more solid investment opportunities.

  1. The VW emissions scandal rumbles on in the news stories

Following the admission by VW that they cheated in diesel emissions tests VW buyers around the world are in line for compensation – except for British motorists! The British government is determined to press the issue with VW to secure compensation.

  1. In Rolls Royce motoring news, A Rolls with a difference

A 1926 Rolls Royce Phantom which has been compared to the Throne Room at the Palace of Versailles because of its opulent interior is expected to fetch £700,000 when it is auctioned off at Bonham’s.

  1. Driverless cars coming to a road near you soon

Work on producing driverless vehicles gathers apace with manufacturers like Nissan, Volvo, BMW and Renault vying to be the first to put autonomous cars on our roads. Advantages are pollutionexpected to include wireless communication with traffic signals, zero emissions and fewer cars on the road as the driverless vehicle concept spreads to public transport.

  1. Air pollution made motoring news on how it affects drivers

The London School of Economics has produced evidence to show that high nitrogen dioxide levels from vehicles results in a 2% rise in traffic collisions. They believe that this comes from toxic air inside a vehicle combined with physical reactions like an itchy nose and watery eyes.

  1. Motoring news is nothing without an insurance story – No insurance shockers

You may be surprised to learn that some drivers of prestige cars are less than honest when it comes to insuring their motors. Police in England and Wales have seized Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Rolls Royces for insurance infringements this year. BMW is the car most likely to be seized. Thanks to Churchill for this information.

motoring news

  1. ‘Smart’ cars have played a large part in the motoring news this was an interesting one – ‘Smart’ Cars vulnerable to hackers

In a controlled experiment a Tesla Model S P85 was hacked by scientists in a lab who took control of the car’s brakes, door locks and mirrors. The test was done to look for vulnerabilities.

  1. Classic car meets new technology

An Aston Martin DB5 was bought for £825,000 at the Paris Motor Show by a man who paid for it with his phone and Apple Pay. We presume he wasn’t in possession of a bad credit score.

  1. Most popular SUV in the UK

The compact SUV market has really taken off in the UK due to their practicalities and safety features. The most popular model is the Nissan Qashqai with 19,628 registrations this year.

  1. And Finally in our motoring news round up

A drunk driver in Portland, Oregon, USA stopped in the middle of a main road to get out of his car and have a wee. Quick thinking truckers blocked the road to avoid other cars hitting the drunken man. His lucky day or what?

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