Motoring News 2016 round up

Motoring news stories from 2016

This year has been busy for the motor industry, and following on from our previous blog of motoring news from 2016 here is part 2 to our motoring news round up:

When you think of Apple you think mobiles and laptops however they made the motoring news 2016.

motoring news 2016Apple’s iCar project hits the breaks

Apple fans were left disappointed at the news that the firm has postponed plans to build its much-speculated iCar. Rumours were rife that Apple had been working on an electric car under the code name ‘Project Titan’. But the company decided to put the project on hold and instead focus on driverless software.

Jaguar made the motoring news 2016 revealing their first electric car

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has revealed the prototype of its first fully electric car. The I-Pace will go into production next year and hit roads in 2018. The I-Pace is motoring news 2016expected to be able to travel over 310 miles on a single charge and go from 0-60mph in around 4 seconds.

£35 million to boost electric car ownership

The Government has dedicated £35 million to boosting ownership of electric cars in the UK. This money will be used to pay for thousands of new electric car charge points across the country. Councils will be able to bid for funding to help install charge points for ultra-low emission taxis. They will also receive £2.5 million to install charge points on streets near homes without off-street parking, so residents can install their own points. Workplaces will also get funding to install charging points for staff.

According to the motoring news 2016, half of UK cars will be driverless by 2041

Car maker Kia has predicted that within 25 years’ time, half of the cars in the UK will be driverless. It also predicts that there will be over 8 million cars able to communicate with one another and their surroundings. It’s expected that advanced driver assistance systems will be on sale in the UK within four years. Fully automated and driverless vehicles are expected to hit UK roads from the mid-2020s onwards.

Motorist consultation to prepare for driverless cars

The Government has been asking for the views of UK motorists on things like collision liability and car insurance to remote parking. The nine-week consultation fed into the Government’s plans to give motor insurance rules an overhaul and review the highwaycode, in preparation for the arrival of driverless cars.

VW made the motoring news in 2016 for all sorts of reasons this year, but did you see this?

motoring news 2016VW launches a doorbell.

This may sound like an April fool, but car giant VW has launched a doorbell. It may seem like a strange move, but it is part of the firm’s plan to have everything connected, which includes its BUDD-e electric vehicle. The DoorBird WiFi-enabled doorbell means users can answer their front door while driving. Using a camera and motion sensor, it will allow you to see visitors on your smartphone and even open the door for them while you are in your car. VW plans to incorporate DoorBird into its BUDD-e’s infotainment system.

Brexit and the car industry

In June the UK voted to leave the EU, but despite concerns it seems to have been business as usual across most showrooms. Initial sales figures showed little impact and in July 2016 sales were up by 0.1% to 178,523 new cars registered. For UK car buyers it could mean that cars imported into the UK will be more expensive, but with low-interest rates, loans and car finance are currently at their cheapest.

Nissan launches car-sharing ownership scheme

Nissan launched a car-sharing scheme that will match drivers who make similar journeys. The scheme will give people the chance to become members of local car sharing groups that between them own a Nissan Micra. Members will each pay a share of fuel and car parking costs, depending on how much they use the vehicle. A pilot of the scheme, Nissan Intelligent Get & Go, will start in France next year. The cost of membership includes insurance, servicing, access to the online community and the smartphone app that hosts the service.motoring news 2016

And some odd news…

Bizarre motoring punishment for Chinese drivers

Motorists caught driving with their full beams on in China’s Shenzhen city will now receive a rather unusual punishment. Drivers will have to pay a 300 yuan fine (£36) but also be made to stare into car lights for one minute.

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