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This guide covers all the essentials of winter driving in snow and ice, from preparing for a journey, driving to maintain grip and how to get out of a slide if the worst happens - to ensure safe driving.
charging electric car
Essentially, you have two options when it comes to charging your electric car’s batteries: you can either charge it at home using your own domestic mains electricity supply, or you can make use of public charging points.
driving in europe
Whether you take your own car or hire a car there are a lot of documents and equipment you need when driving in Europe. By being prepared you can guarantee you won't end up with multiple fines.
Correct tyre pressure is vital to your safety on the road, giving you optimum handling and grip. You will also keep your running costs down as incorrect tyre pressure causes your car to use more fuel.
To help you stay safe and as well prepared as possible we have drawn up a winter car kit checklist of the essential items you need in the event of a winter breakdown.
tyre tred
Tyres are often the most neglected things on our cars, but we should take better care of them, our lives depend on them. Worn, over-inflated or under-inflated tyres can be dangerous and lead to accidents.
how to drive in wet weather
Driving in wet weather can be hazardous so it’s good to be prepared. Storms impair driving visibility and make roads dangerously wet. Plan your journey in advance and know how to drive in wet weather to stay safe.
A Guide to Dash Cams
Dash cams come in a range of basic models to high quality modes with extra features like automatic SOS. They are now welcomed by Insurance Companies and can help reduce your insurance premiums.
engine oil 1
It's important to regularly check oil levels in your car. The oil lubricates all the moving parts of the engine. It also helps keep the engine clean, by preventing dirt buildup. If oil levels get too low the engine can overheat, moving parts can start to wear out and the engine could seize - potentially resulting in some costly repairs!
What to do if you break down
Your car breaking down is always an unwelcome surprise and an inconvenience. With a bit of preparation and planning you can at least minimise the chance of a breakdown and certainly reduce the stress if the worst happens.
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