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Leasing a car in Manchester

At CVS Ltd we have been bad credit car leasing to customers located in the Manchester area for over a decade.  In fact, a high proportion of our customers from our nationwide car fleet, are located in Manchester and the surrounding area, due to a successful marketing campaign on a Manchester local radio station.

There is all manner of reasons why people find themselves with a bad credit score, which makes life very difficult when it comes to applying for any type of finance.  Furthermore, there still seems to be a stigma regarding having a bad credit rating.

We understand that actually, someone’s credit score is not a true representation of that individual’s financial circumstances, and it is for that reason we look at 2 factors when people apply for car leasing.hand showing car key


Are you able to afford your repayments?

We will require along with your initial application form for bad credit car leasing, 3 month’s worth of current bank statements.  This is to show our underwriters what money you have come into your account and what you are paying out.


Are you traceable at your current address?

Along with your car leasing application form and your bank statements, we will also require a driver’s licence which shows your current address.  If you have recently moved or there is a reason why your licence does not tie in with your current address, we will require other documentation such as a utility bill.

CVS Ltd giving you sound advice on your leasing options

couple talking to an adviser about car leasing

If you have any questions or would like more information on our bad credit car leasing agreements, then get in touch with us.  Our advisers are here to help, and they can talk you through the application process.  The important point of CVS Ltd is, we are a small family run company, we give a personal service.  We treat each car leasing application on an individual basis and treat all applications as confidential.

If you are new to car leasing take a look at our personal leasing page here or our business leasing page here.

CVS Ltd underwriters.

CVS Ltd carries out all their own underwriting, this means there are no third parties involved.  The great thing about carrying out our own underwriting is that we can be flexible and create a bad credit car leasing agreement that suits your individual circumstances.  So if you find the right car on our website but not the right payment plan, get in touch and talk to us about what would be better suited to you.  Furthermore, if you cannot find the vehicle you require then let us know what you are looking for and let us help you.

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