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VW Up Review

Ben Says…

vw up view from the outsideWe are are pleased to offer another fantastic city car to our example cars and prices, VW up is becoming so popular.  The UP is a neat little city car with the qualities of Volkswagen making it one of the top choices for leasing.

It does not boast the practicality of the Hyundai i10 but it does fair much better with its infotainment.  VW have tried the city car model previously with the Fox and the Lupo, but I do think its third time lucky and they have produced a city car that will be a good contender in its category.

VW are offering 4 different trims with the city car, we are showing the Up!, but there is also a choice of Take Up!, Move Up! and High Up! all you have to do is get up! and sign up! and choose the right trim for you! – Sorry!

Better space and good handling in the Up

The Up does offer better interior space than its rivals especially if you opt for the 5 door, but that goes without saying.  The controls in the car are laid out nicely however you don’t get the passenger window control on the drives side which could be annoying.  The trim in the up feels high end and has certainly hit the quality feel.

The Up drives well within the town and on our potholed roads, going over speed bumps does not cause discomfort.  It certainly seems to drive and feel comfortable vw up view from the rearon the main roads and is fun to drive in to corners without the tipping feel of some of its other rivals.  VW do seem to have got the model right this time.

The Up in summary

In a survey of people who already own an up produced by what car? it is the most reliable car in its class beating the likes of Skoda Citigo.  When it comes to safety the VW Up achieved maximum of five stars in its Euro NCAP crash test in 2011, with percentages of 89% for adult occupant protection, 80% for child occupant protection, and 46% for pedestrian protection.

I like the sound of the VW Up, how to I go about getting a car lease?

vw up view from the frontIf you would like to find out what  car leasing options there are for the VW up then get in touch.  We have a simple leasing application process working closely with you to help put together a bad credit leasing application for our in house underwriters to review.  If you wish to speed up your application you can do so by filling out an application form on line for Personal Leasing or Business Leasing.

The VW up bad credit car leasing deals we offer are ideal for those who want a comfortable, reliable car with low running costs.  Its worth remembering that when you lease a car you do not have to pay road tax (we pay that for you).  You do not have to worry about the car depreciating in price, as you simply hand it back at the end of your lease, or, as many of our customers do, renew your lease and get a new car.


Class:Small Cars
Lifestyle:City Type
Condition:Nearly New
Profile:Basic Profile 3 x 35 payment profile may vary depending on underwriters assessment
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