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  • renault captur
  • renault captur orange
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Renault Captur Review

The Renault Captur is ideal for those of you wanting a stylish looking 4 x 4 with hatchback running costs, the Captur is not a 4 x 4, but it certainly is pulling off the look, and is becoming very popular.  In theory what you are getting here is a Clio on steroids, it is family friendly, with more interior space and a nice high driving position.

The Captur is more affordable in its category but is more expensive than the Clio, however you are getting more car for your money.

Adults will feel comfortable travelling in the back of a Captur and kids will be lost in the space, ok not lost, but certainly enough room for all their toys and other gadgets to keep them occupied on a journey.

Renault have thought about interior space well in the Captur, the rear seats are on runners and slide forward nicely to increase the size of an already large boot.  Plenty of room in the boot for all the buggies, or luggage and the all important weekly family shop!  The boot also has adjustable flooring to help with loading and unloading, so kind on backs!

The Captur is a comfortable car with cloth seating, good leg space and is smooth to drive whether you are in town or on the open road.

The Captur in summary

In summary the Renault Captur is a great looking car, makes an excellent family car and is very affordable for lower budgets.

Renault car leasing, how do I get one?

We have a great deal on the Renault Captur, but this deal is only for people who have a bad or poor credit scores.  You can simply fill out a quick contact form and we will call you to discuss your options, or to speed the application process up for this bad credit car leasing deal fill out our secure online form for Personal or Business.  You can either post back to us, scan or send via our website, it really is that simple!

Once we have received your completed application form for your Renault captur bad credit car leasing deal, along with supporting documents required, your application is forwarded to our underwriters.

At CVS Ltd we carryout all our own underwriting, this means that not only are we able to get an answer to you within 2 working days, there are no third parties and we are also able to create a bad credit car leasing agreement that suits your individual requirements.  So if you find a car that you want to lease but cannot find a payment plan – give us a call to discuss!

We have been leasing cars to customers with bad credit since 1999, our customer service is second to none. We are with you throughout your leasing agreement.  We are easily contactable, and we do everything possible to make your leasing relationship with us as easy as possible.

So get in touch and become one of our satisfied customers.

Renault have several variants on the Capture, if you see one you would prefer then get in touch and we can discuss a leasing agreement to suit you. 

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Condition:Nearly New
Profile:Basic Profile 3 x 35 payment profile may vary depending on underwriters assessment

Cant find the car you want? contact us. (Price shown is £ per month + VAT)

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