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Mitsubishi L200 van review

Ben Says…

Front view of the mitsubishi l200We are please to be offering a Mitsubishi L200 bad credit van lease to any customers who have a bad credit score, this leasing agreement is also ideal for new businesses who do not have a credit history.  The Mitsubishi L200 we are offering here is the Mitsubishi L200 2.5DiD Warrior II Double Cab, however if this does not meet your requirements we can source you your preference.

The Mitsubishi L200 is now in its fifth generation, its sales peaked in 2003 along with all other pickups on the market due to the favourable tax regime, making big benefits in company kind car tax.  The tax benefits tightened up and so did the sales in pickup’s.  However because of the look and specification that the L200 offers it still is the pickup of choice for many business leasing, and personal leasing agreements.

The L200 will carry over a tonne in weight with extra capacity from the 3,100kg towing weight.  There is good load space in the double cab, but you do have the wheel arch intrusion which restricts the width.Side view of the mitsubishi l200

If you are looking for an off roading work horse, than can carry people comfortably then the Mitsubishi L200 is a great choice. 

It has a great look, and in my opinion is the better looking of all the pickups in this category.

mitsubishi l200 on the road

Contact us today to discuss your business and personal leasing options, if you want to speed up the application process then simply fill out our online application for either Personal Leasing Form or Business Leasing online form.

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Condition:Nearly New
Profile:Basic Profile 3 x 35 payment profile may vary depending on underwriters assessment
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