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Mercedes C Class Review

At CVS Ltd we do not believe that high end cars are just for mainstream customers, we understand that a bad credit score is not always a true reflection of your current financial situation.  That is why we offer Mercedes C Class bad credit car leasing deals to our sub prime customers.  Before we talk about the leasing let’s look at the Mercedes C Class and what it has to offer.

There is no doubt that when you think of Mercedes C Class you instantly think of an executive car offering all the luxury inside and out.  This is why it is so popular with business customers.

What’s on offer with the C-Class?

The Mercedes C Class is more about comfort than it is about being a sporty handler, it has a spacious interior which is of a high quality.  There are many different add-ons you can get with the C Class, which is why CVS Ltd is a great choice for your lease, as we will buy the car you want and then lease to you.  You can then opt for the extras you require that will suit you, further more you do not need to worry about the car depreciating in value, as we own the car and you will simply hand it back after 3 years.

Mercedes have designed the boot of the C Class so that the boot lid opens nice and wide, meaning you can easily load into it, they have also made sure that the boot is big and deep.

The Dash in the C Class is nicely laid out, offering a head-up display, showing that the once gadgets for your cars are now creeping in as standard, all be it on the high-end cars first.

Parking sensors come as standard, which you will need as the sloping boot can make it difficult to judge spaces.

Emissions and safety

The CO2 emissions are very competitive which is great news for business leasing.

The Mercedes C Class scored a maximum of five stars at Euro NCAP, which is pretty much equal to BMW and Audi.  Warning systems come as standard telling you to take a break on long journeys and stability control if you are in a skid.  There are more safety options as extra.

How to lease a Mercedes C Class

If you have bad credit, but can demonstrate that you are traceable and can afford the monthly payments you can lease a Mercedes C Class from Compass Vehicle Services.

1. Fill out the simple application form

If you have any questions about leasing or the application then get in touch and our friendly team will be happy to advise.

2. Send us supporting documentation

When we have received your completed application we will contact you and ask for the documents we need to support your application.

3. Approval Stage

Our in-house team will have an answer usually in 2 working days of receiving your application and all your supporting documentation.

4. Tailored Agreement

We create a unique, tailored lease agreement for each of our customers, to suit your specific requirements.

5. Delivery

We make getting your car easy; collect it yourself or we can arrange nationwide delivery.

6. End of Lease

When your lease is due to expire you have 3 options. Return the car, extend your lease, or get a new car and a new lease.

See ‘How it Works‘ for more detailed information on how to lease a car with Compass Vehicle Services.


Please note with CVS Ltd there are no third parties, we are the only ones who will contact you, and we will not share your contact details!


Class:Executive Cars
Model:C Class
Condition:Nearly New
Profile:Basic Profile 3 x 35 payment profile may vary depending on underwriters assessment

Cant find the car you want? contact us. (Price shown is £ per month + VAT)

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