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Citroen C1 Review

Ben Says…

At CVS Ltd we are offering Citroen C1 non status car leasing deals at fantastic prices, and remember these are available to lease to customers who have been declined by mainstream leasing companies.

Citroen C1 full of character

Citroen C1 great looking car from the outsideThe Citroen C1 design is full of character, this little car looks as if it is smiling at you, inviting you to jump in and take a drive! You should take the C1 serious though, as a city car it is ideal nipping in and out of traffic with ease, and small enough to fit into the tightest of spots.

Sharing the same class as the Peugeot 108 and the Toyota Aygo, the Citroen C1 is pretty much identical apart from the obvious branding.  The Ciroen C1 also has a slight difference in design such as lights and grille, plus you get different trim on the interior.

Getting good value for money when leasing a Ctroen C1

Citroen has an excellent reputation for being reliable and also known for value for money, not to mention that the C1 is low on running costs, so it is no wonder that this is one of our popular cars to lease out.

Inside the C1 you will have all that is expected with a lower budget car, but Citroen have designed the space as best they can given the cars size.  The boot is not huge, but you can still fit in the weekly family shop.

The C1 in summary

In summary if you are looking for a budget car with low running costs, and full of character to drive about town and to squeeze into small parking spaces the Citroen C1 is the car for you!

Tell me how I get a Citroen lease

Its easy to lease a car from CVS we have made the application process very quick and simple!  If you would like to make a quick contact and have one of our advisers contact you to discuss your leasing options, or to speed up the process fill out our online application form Personal or Business on our secure website.  

Please note with CVS Ltd there are no third parties, we are the only ones who will contact you, and we will not share your contact details!Looking great from the front Citroen C1

Once we have received all the relevant information from you we will be able to give you a decision within 2 working days.

We will create a leasing agreement specifically to you on what you can afford, and further more we will talk to you about what car you want and will source and buy that car.  We do not stock cars, here at CVS we like to buy the car you want, can other leasing companies boast such a personal service?

We look forward to hearing from you.

Citroen have other ranges in the C1 model and these are listed below, if you see something of interest get in touch and we can give you more information.

VTi 68 - ETG 5-door
VTi 68 S&S - manual 3-door
VTi 68 S&S - manual 5-door
PureTech 82 - manual 3-door
PureTech 82 - manual 5-door

Class:Small Cars
Lifestyle:City Type
Condition:Nearly New
Profile:Basic Profile 3 x 35 payment profile may vary depending on underwriters assessment
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