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  • Audi A5
  • A Bad Credit Car Leasing
  • Audi A Coupe
  • A Bad Credit Car Leasing
  • Audi A5
  • A Bad Credit Car Leasing

Audi A5 Review

Ben says…

Audi A5 view from the outsideWhen you think of Audi you think class, and it is no wonder that the Audi A5 tops all the poles including car of the year 2016 with What Car?  The Audi A5 could be out of your reach with a high price tag, especially if you have a bad credit score.  Don’t worry though we have that covered at CVS Ltd, we are offering Audi A5 bad credit car leasing deals to help you get behind the wheel of this very stylish car.

The Audi A5 really does hold its own when it comes against its rivals such as the BMW 4 Series, and the Mercedes C-Class.  In my opinion I would say the A5 is more practical, with a very nice high end interior.

How does the Audi A5 drive?

The A5 grips the road very nicely and its steering is precise.  It has excellent pulling power which could get you in trouble as you will find yourself over the speed limit in a matter of seconds.Audi A5

How you like to drive and what you want from your Audi A5 is covered as the A5 comes in various guises, all of which can be sourced for you depending on your preference.

The Audi A5 interior makes you feel as good as you look

Audi A5 interiorWhilst you are getting all the head turning from driving this stylish car, you will also benefit from its high-end interior.  Although staying with the Audi minimalist look it is finished to the highest standard and you get a good sense of class that this car portrays.

The seating is supportive and plenty of adjustments which allow you to get the best comfort for your drive.

There is ample room for adults to be comfortable on journeys with a boot larger than its rivals in this class.

A good business choice

The A5 has less CO2 emissions than the Mercedes and the BMW making a good choice for bad credit business leasing.

In summary

There is no denying that the A5 is a stunning looking car inside and out.  It is ideal for those of you on the road a lot and need that extra comfort.  It is an impressive all-rounder.

How do I get an Audi A5 car lease?

We understand at CVS Ltd that your credit score no matter how bad is not necessarily a true reflection on your current financial status.  That is why we do not look at your credit score when you apply for a bad credit car lease from us.  We are looking at affordability and traceability, if you can show us these two factors then you will soon be behind the wheel of your Audi A5.

We offer two types of leasing Personal and Business. You can make an initial enquiry to discuss your options, or if you want to speed up the process simply fill out our online secure application forms, for either Personal application or Business application.

We look forward to welcoming you as a customer.




Audi offer various trims in its A5 range so get in touch to discuss the right one for you!

Class:Executive Cars
Condition:Nearly New
Profile:Basic Profile 3 x 35 payment profile may vary depending on underwriters assessment

Cant find the car you want? contact us. (Price shown is £ per month + VAT)

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