Can I lease a car with bad credit?

Can I lease a car with bad credit?

Working at CVS Ltd means I get to talk to a lot of people every day who need a car, but have a bad credit score meaning they are constantly getting turned away by mainstream finance companies.  The most common question is, can I lease a car with bad credit?, and of course the answer from us is, yes you can.  There are a lot of interesting questions that are asked by potential customers so here are some explanations to help you.

Subprime prices V mainstream prices

Unfortunately if you have a bad credit score you do fall into the subprime car leasing category, and this does mean that you have to pay a little more.  This is because you are considered a risk, even though getting into financial difficulty may have been caused in some cases by someone else you were/are linked with.can i lease a car with bad credit

Some customers when they first get in touch ask about cars and refer to prices they have seen on the internet which are cheaper, but generally these are mainstream.  However in some cases some cars are advertised as sub prime leasing, but when you do actually click through to the advertised agreement in many cases you will find:

  • You need to call for a price for sub prime
  • The vehicle you are looking at is older than 3 years
  • The leasing agreement is in fact a high interest rate finance agreement.

At CVS Ltd we pride ourselves on our customer service and being transparent with our prices.  As we buy the car that you want and then lease to you it is impossible to list every car, therefore what we do on our website is give you an example cars and prices page.  This page allows you to see what sort of car you can expect to get with your budget.

If I have been bankrupt can I lease a car with bad credit?

can i lease a car with bad credit

When we look at applications for a car lease with bad credit, we are looking at affordability and traceability.  It is always best to be honest and up front when applying to us, and say if you have been bankrupt, have or had CCJs, IVAs or any other financial history you feel we should know about.

Once our underwriters have passed you in principle we will then carryout a credit agency check, it is here that any of the above information is learnt, thus it is far better to let us know from the beginning.

At CVS Ltd we work very hard to stay competitive with other bad credit car leasing companies, therefore when you come to us you know you are getting a great deal.

How much deposit do I need to pay?

So now we have established that you can lease a car with bad credit lets get rid of the term deposit, it does not exist in our company.  The amount of money you have to pay first is an ‘initial payment’ and this is made up from the monthly payments you will be making.

Initial payments will vary very much on your individual circumstances and the type of vehicle you require, and this will be discussed when you have been approved.

Leasing a car with bad credit includes initial payment and monthly payments is there any other charges?

Administrative Fee:

Once we have worked with you to create a leasing deal that you are comfortable with, we will require an administration fee.  This is very normal with any leasing companies, the only difference is we like you to know about it from the start.  The amount is £120 and covers your entire lease term.


Once we have your car we need to arrange for collection, if you live within a 25 mile radius on the CVS Ltd office (TN8 5RB) we will deliver for free.  If you wish to collect your car of course this would be free and we are happy to collect you from a local train station.

However if you live further a field we will need to arrange for a logistic company to deliver your car, we will arrange this for you and this will be an additional charge per mile.can i lease a car with bad credit

Agreed mileage:

If at the end of your leasing term you have gone over your agreed mileage there will be an additional charge.  It is best to contact us if you are doing more miles than you first agreed to, so we can work with you to adjust your agreement, that saves any unexpected charges at the end of your lease.

Wear and tear:

We understand that you are going to be using your cars every day for daily use, however should there be significant damage, such as a dent, to the car then you will need to pay for repairs.  We are able to organise repairs and the prices for these are generally at trade prices.

I have leased my car with bad credit, what am I responsible for?

We will pay for your car tax and we are here to advise you should you have a problem, however you are the driver here are some examples of things you are responsible for:

  • Servicing
  • MOT
  • Insurance
  • Parking tickets
  • Dart charges
  • Speeding fines
  • Incidents whilst driving which cause any damage to the car


CVS Ltd here to help

We pride ourselves on our customer service, if you have any problem during your lease term, just get in touch, we are very happy to help in any way we can.

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