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If you have a bad credit score, and you need to lease a car we can help you.

Why will CVS lease me a car when other companies have declined me?

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lease a car for you and your family

At CVS we look at affordability and traceability, and not at your credit rating.  As we will also be the funders of your car (we will buy the car for you, and then lease it back to you), we have our own underwriters assessing your application.  The underwriters will look at each application on an individual basis, so the more information you can give our advisors the better!  We specialise in subprime car leasing, and understand that a credit score is not always a true indication of someone’s finances.


What car can I have?

We do not hold stock of vehicles at CVS, once you have been approved by our underwriters we will discuss with you what sort of car you want, then source that vehicle for you.  In many cases customers are led by a budget rather than type of car, therefore we will take your application and get your budget approved, then work with you to find the best car within your approved budget.

You can have any make or model of car if it falls within your approved monthly budget.

Please note it is in our best interest to get you the best car we can for your budget, we want you to be happy for your lease term, and we will need to sell the car once your lease has ended.


How do I begin the leasing application?

Either fill out the enquiry form on the left, we will give you a call, and send you an application form (always check your spam folder).

Or to speed up the process simply go to our secure online form for either Business leasing or Personal Leasing.


Other than the completed application form, what else do you require for my application?

Our underwriters will also need to see 3 months’ worth of current bank statements, which clearly show incoming, outgoing and a running balance (sorry, mobile screenshots will not be accepted as they do not give enough detail). Your bank statements are for the underwriters to assess affordability.

We will also require a copy of a utility bill (or similar) to show that you are traceable to your address.

Finally, we would like a copy of your driver’s licence (and a copy of your passport if you are not using a Photo ID driving licence).

How long does it take to get an answer from the underwriters?

We aim to have an answer back to you within 2 working days.

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