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VW Golf Review 2017

VW Golf

The VW Golf is an absolute all rounder, and has been for many years; hence the seventh generation of the same name. It is the go to choice for family cars, and whilst it isn’t cheap to buy for those with a lower budget, it is a great choice for a leasing option.  

What’s on offer with the latest VW Golf

There is a 1.2L entry-level petrol engine available with 85bhp for those on a budget, but VW push the range up to the top spec engines with a 2.0L turbo engine for those looking to splash out. Suffice to say there is enough in the range to find the right engine for you whatever your budget. There is also hybrid and all electric options should you be a more eco-friendly driver. The Golf has traditionally been one of the quietest cars, and that remains true with this seventh generation model. General road noise are well suppressed too.
When it comes to drivability, the well-judged weighting of the pedals makes it easy to pull away smoothly, while the six-speed manual gearbox fitted to most versions is smooth and precise. The five-speed ’box fitted to the cheaper 1.2 petrol and some of the 1.6 diesels is less impressive, with a slightly notchy shift action however. The optional DSG automatic ’boxes also tend to be a bit jerky at low speeds, such as when you’re parking, but shift smoothly in faster driving.

VW Golf Review
Top tech for the new Golf
This New Golf does come with some very helpful technological features such as Emergency Assist. This helps the driver in particular hazardous situations. The system monitors the driver’s inputs – such as accelerator pedal, brake and steering, and helps, within the system’s limits, to prevent accidents and mitigate the potential consequences of an accident.

VW Golf a smart option

Volkswagen is also the first manufacturer to offer a choice of three interfaces to connect up smartphones, Apple’s CarPlay, Android Auto and MirrorLink. In addition, Traffic Jam Assist uses proven functions such as ACC adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning to allow easy slow driving in traffic jams. The car will follow the vehicle ahead and automatically operate the accelerator and brakes within the limits of the system so the vehicle is kept in lane.
VW Golf ReviewThere is also wireless charging. The additional inductive connection on the external aerial, and USB data and charging cable in the centre armrest mean that phone calls in the New Golf are particularly convenient. What’s truly special about this is that the inductive aerial connection, combined with a first-rate microphone in the headliner and audio output via the internal loudspeaker, guarantee outstanding voice quality. An additional cradle is no longer needed.

For the ultimate in low running costs, then look no further than the electric e-Golf. Powered by a 113bhp electric motor and boasting a range of around 100 miles, the battery-powered machine is a perfect commuting car and costs around £1 to charge from a mains socket. Of course, the e-Golf won’t fit in with all types of journey, and for longer trips you’ll be better off with the Golf GTE range-extender.

If you’re looking for a car that combines tech innovation and superb functionality to offer a great all round driving experience in a family car, then the 2017 VW Golf is certainly one to consider.

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