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Toyota Land Cruiser: Powering Forward with Two New EVs

source: Toyota

Published 23 January 2024

The legendary Toyota Land Cruiser, revered for its ruggedness and off-road prowess, is embarking on a bold new chapter. After decades of conquering mountains and traversing deserts, the Land Cruiser brand is set to tackle the electrified terrain with not one, but two new electric vehicles (EVs) aimed directly at Land Rover’s reign over the luxury off-road segment.

This strategic move reflects the growing demand for EVs, even in the traditionally adventurous SUV market. Land Rover, with its Range Rover PHEVs and the upcoming fully electric Defender, has already planted its flag. Toyota, recognizing the shift in consumer preferences, is making a decisive play to claim its own share of the electrified off-road market.

So, what are these Land Cruiser EVs packing under the hood (or lack thereof)? :

The Compact Cruiser

source: Toyota

“The Compact Cruiser EV is designed for young, professional urban dwellers who enjoy active outdoor leisure pursuits.” – Toyota press release.

The rugged exterior channels the legendary first-gen Land Cruiser, echoing its off-road silhouette and simple, muscular panels. Squared wheel arches and retro-styled white wheels (on the left side!) scream heritage, while chunky, LED-infused lighting and an aggressive front with a defined skid plate scream future, propelling this beast beyond the 21st century.

While details about the Compact Cruiser EV’s mechanical components remain under wraps, it’s likely to leverage technology from other upcoming Toyota electric vehicles, potentially sharing suspension and powertrain elements. This suggests a refined and efficient drivetrain, drawing on Toyota’s growing EV expertise.

Land Cruiser SE

source: Toyota

Another concept unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show is the Land Cruiser SE slated to arrive in 2026.

The iconic Land Cruiser gets a modern makeover with the SE, a fully electric SUV that packs a punch. Its high-torque BEV drivetrain delivers exhilarating performance, while the spacious three-row cabin caters to the needs of even the most adventurous families. The quietness of the electric powertrain enhances comfort on the road, and the monocoque body ensures confident handling on any terrain. The Land Cruiser SE: where luxury meets adventure, powered by the future.

Outline specifications

Length (mm) 5,150
Width (mm) 1,990
Height (mm) 1,705
Wheelbase (mm) 3,050
Passenger capacity 7

But the SE isn’t just a lone ranger. It spearheads a complete electric makeover for Toyota, arriving around 2026. Think sleek sports coupes (FT-SE), rugged electric pickups (EPU), and futuristic crossovers (FT-3E) – all humming with zero-emissions power.

This revamped lineup signals a bold new chapter for Toyota.

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