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SsangYong Rebrands as KGM Motors with Launch of Torres SUV

From SsangYong to KGM: A Bold Rebranding for a New Era

SsangYong the Korean brand entered a new chapter in 2023, shedding its former skin and emerging as KGM Motors. Now, the company is preparing to launch the all-new Torres SUV in the UK – a vehicle symbolising KGM’s fresh ambitions and drive for success.

A new electric pick-up and a mid-size SUV are set to enter production in the second half of 2024.

The Torres arrives not just as a new model, but as the inaugural bearer of the KGM badge. It embodies the brand’s revamped design philosophy, “Powered by Toughness.” This mantra translates into a bold, muscular exterior that speaks of adventure and capability. Three-dimensional headlights flank a prominent grille, while sharply defined lines and an integrated spare wheel cover lend an air of rugged determination.

Power and Choice: Petrol, Electric, or Both?

KGM understands the ever-growing demand for eco-conscious motoring, and the Torres caters to that need with both petrol and electric powertrain options. The petrol engine delivers ample power for everyday driving, while the electric version promises zero emissions and a smooth, silent ride. This flexibility allows buyers to choose the option that best fits their lifestyle and environmental values.

  • 1.5 GDi turbocharged engine 
  • pure-electric variant.

Beyond the Surface: A Luxurious and Practical Cabin Awaits

Beyond its stylish design and diverse powertrains, the Torres boasts impressive practicality. A spacious 1,662-litre cargo capacity with flexible seating configurations makes it ideal for families and outdoor enthusiasts. 

Inside the luxurious cabin are  a number of advanced safety features, including a 360° camera and an array of driver assistance systems. Dual 12.3-inch digital displays grace the dashboard, minimising physical buttons and creating a sleek, modern ambience. Mood lighting adds a touch of personalisation, while premium materials and comfortable seating ensure a relaxed driving experience.

  • Double 12.3” displays
  • 1.5 tonne towing limit
  • Mood lighting
  • 1,662l loadspace
  • Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

Can KGM Motors Conquer the UK Market?

Whether the Torres lives up to its promise of shaking up the market remains to be seen. But one thing is certain: KGM Motors is making a bold entrance into the UK, and the Torres SUV is the vanguard of its ambitious journey. With its combination of style, substance, and a forward-looking approach, not to mention 5 year warranty,, the Torres could well be the key that unlocks a new era of success for KGM in the UK.

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