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Skywell BE11: A Feature-Packed Electric SUV Debuts in the UK

source: Skywell

Published 25 June 2024

Head Turning Design and Luxurious Comfort

The Skywell BE11, unveiled at the Everything Electric Show in Harrogate, is a mid-size electric SUV poised to shake up the UK market. Its sleek, well-proportioned exterior is matched by a driver-focused interior designed for comfort and luxury. Spacious and airy thanks to wide-opening doors and a panoramic sunroof, the cabin features plush leather-like seats, ambient lighting with a customizable 128-colour palette, and a tasteful blend of wood-style veneer and piano black finishes.

source: Skywell

Tech-Savvy Command Centre

Dominating the dashboard is a large 12.8-inch touchscreen infotainment system. Offering wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto alongside DAB radio, three USB ports, and a premium German-engineered Metz sound system, the BE11 caters to the tech-savvy driver, seamlessly integrating entertainment and connectivity features.

Performance and Range to Match Your Lifestyle

The BE11 delivers a spirited driving experience with its 204-horsepower electric motor that propels the SUV from 0 to 62 mph in a brisk 9.6 seconds. To meet diverse driving needs, two battery options are available:

  • 72 kWh battery: Provides a WLTP-estimated range of up to 248 miles, ideal for everyday commutes and errands.
  • 86 kWh battery: Offers an impressive WLTP-estimated range of 304 miles, perfect for extended journeys with fewer charging stops.

Availability and Competitive Pricing

Pre-orders for the Skywell BE11 are expected to begin in August 2024, with deliveries reaching dealerships by September. While official pricing remains undisclosed, Skywell promises a highly competitive package to entice budget-conscious EV enthusiasts.

Skywell: A New Force in Electric Mobility

Founded in 2017, Skywell is a collaboration between Skyworth, a leading global consumer electronics manufacturer, and the Nanjing Golden Dragon Bus Company. This partnership leverages expertise in technology and vehicle manufacturing, making Skywell a promising new player in the UK’s electric vehicle market.

The Takeaway: A Compelling Choice for the Eco-Conscious Driver

The Skywell BE11 merges style, technology, and impressive range, making it a compelling all-electric option for drivers seeking a luxurious and practical electric SUV. Keep an eye out for this exciting new arrival on UK roads soon.

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