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Land Rover Discovery Review 2017

Land Rover Discovery

If you are considering changing your car in 2017, and are looking at the likes of a BMW X5, Mercedes GLE, Volvo XC90 or the Audi Q7, the new Land Rover Discovery 2017 should undoubtedly be on your list of new arrivals to consider. The new Land Rover Discovery is in its fifth generation and comes with a fresh look and design distinctively different from the previous four.

New Land Rover Discovery, What’s on offer

The trim levels start with the ‘S’ at £43,495, and then the ‘SE’, ‘HSE’, and ‘First Edition’ closing the gap up to £70,000, and the two most popular engines on offer are likely to be the 2.0L with 238bhp and 43.5mpg, and the 3.0L-V6 producing 255bhp and 39.2mpg. There is, of course, an option for the signature engine, 3.0L V6 Supercharged, but you would be expecting a much lower 26mpg. All models come with an eight-speed automatic gearbox and four-wheel drive as standard.

new land rover discovery reviewOne of the notable new features on the new generation is the asymmetrical rear registration plate, which will be very distinctive on the road. There is a significant weight reduction which improves overall running cost, however there is a big signature feature that is no longer available on this generation, the split tailgate. Land Rover do argue that this actually provides with the biggest boot opening ever, but swiftly throwing your shopping in the boot is reduced to the same function as most of the other cars in the supermarket.

An interior that appeals to all

The bar has officially been reset with the interior design of this new generation, there is a clear direction taken by Land Rover to be more aesthetically appealing to all customers, rather than the ‘rugged and ready’ appearance. Larger cabin with easy space for up to seven occupants, spread over three rows; and the trim inside can be personalised with metal, wood or leather inserts.

New Land Rover Discovery is a truly tech-savvy machine

The seats are getting a tech update with the ability to change the seating positions via a mobile app; if you are not so tech savvy, there are the same options on the infotainment system, on the middle-row pillar, or in the boot. The smartphone app also comes with a whole host of other handy features like being able to check the fuel level, car location, and even if you have left a window open. new land rover discovery reviewThere’s no more wondering if you have to fill up before a long journey, as you can check from your sofa! Other technology for the driver includes All Terrain Progress Control (essentially cruise control for off-roading), lane-keeping assistance, lane-departure warning and a system that can park the car for you. Surround cameras help with manoeuvring and an ‘Active Key’ is also included. One special little note to make – if you go to the beach or want to swim outdoors (assuming we get the weather for it), there is a wireless waterproof strap which connects with the ‘D’ in Discovery on the boot locking the car and also disabling the key (which you can leave in the car without risk) until you return and ‘scan’ the strap again.

First edition’s new land rover discovery

The top-spec ‘First Edition’ model is going to be limited to 600 units in the UK, so you’ll have to be fast to get your hands on one, and they are retailing at £68,295, only available with the 3.0L V6 diesel engine. But for those looking for the perfect companion for any off road trip, it’s certainly a hard choice to beat.


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