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Mercedes X Class Review 2017

mercedes x class reviewBoldly marketed as the ‘first premium pickup’ combining ‘the best of two worlds’, the Mercedes Concept X Class 2017 has been receiving a good deal of attention. You may be more inclined to associate Mercedes with unrivalled luxury, top quality finishes and comfortable saloons. But the brand has decided it wants to widen its appeal by launching a burly pick-up truck.

When Mercedes-Benz confirmed it will sell an X-Class truck in 2017, it represented a significant move in the ongoing battle of the leading German car companies. The German big guns have been vying for position, trying to earn the title of the global best-seller of premium vehicles. Expanding into different categories of vehicles is being seen as a significant way to boost sales. mercedes x class review

From concept model to the production line

Naturally, some of the features of the two concept versions that Mercedes unveiled last year will not make it through to the final production models, but what can we look forward to seeing?

mercedes x class reviewWe know that the platform of the Mercedes flat-bed 4X4 will be based on that of the Nissan Navara. Of course, the Navara is held in high esteem and this move will continue the relationship that has already been forged between Mercedes and Renault-Nissan. The brands have worked together before on projects such as the Renault Twingo. Indeed, the X Class will be built at Nissan’s plant in Barcelona.

The Mercedes X Class will have a twin-cab approach. Therefore, the vehicle will be as suited to transporting the family around town as it will be for work duties. This type of vehicle is a growing niche market in the UK and Europe, and already a large US sector.

Premium refinement

Although the on-sale version is unlikely to be as luxuriously appointed as the preview concept models, it will still expect be firmly set in the premium bracket. Much of mercedes x class reviewwhat customers know from the C Class and V Class will be transferred to the X Class. The dashboard and interior components seen in Mercedes’ cars are expected to be very much the same in this new pickup. From seat ergonomics to high-end infotainment systems, it will all be there in the Mercedes X Class.

Technical specs we expect to see with the Mercedes X Class

The X Class will host a high-torque six-cylinder engine. To cope with off-road conditions, it will also feature an update of Mercedes’ 4Matic permanent 4-wheel drive system, alongside a ladder-type frame. An electronic traction system will enable power to be channelled where the traction is best.

The verdict

mercedes x class reviewAll in all, the Mercedes X Class looks sets to combine a design that is very much off-road focused with premium refinement that will set it apart from other pickups on the market. Another bonus is that with a payload of up to 1,200kg, the Mercedes X Class will comfortably meet the criteria for commercial vehicle tax classification in the UK. What’s more, the impressive towing weight of 3,500kg makes it very competitive in the sector.


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