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History of the Fiat 500

Fiat 500

Fun, funky, and good looking, but that’s enough about the CVS team! Let’s take a look at the Fiat 500.

Everyone’s friend, the Fiat 500, with its huge personality, is sure to put a smile on any driver’s face, whether you are behind the wheel or just overtaking.
The first Fiat 500 was manufactured in 1957 and known as ‘the tiny little mouse’ and at a cost of £400 new it was cheap, practical and captured the hearts of many. 59 years later and the love affair with the Fiat 500 continues.

Fiat 500
The Fiat 500 is smaller than the mini and it is fair to say that this really was the first micro car.

The Fiat 500 the racing version

Abarth & Co. created a racing version putting in an engine that looked as if it may fall out, and I believe in some cases it did.  This little racing version was described as the fastest, slow car or slowest, fast car, the 695 esse-esse managing 0 – 50 in 14 seconds with the standard 500 doing 0 – 50 in 42 seconds.
The 695 would be the choice of car when visiting Swindon, so much fun to be had at roundabouts!

Finding a parking space in the cities and towns these days can be a nightmare, but with the Fiat 500 it is very easy to slot into the smallest of spaces, your only concern being whether it would still be there when you return in the morning. Unlikely if you park en route of a group of fellas walking back from the pub on a Saturday night, and if it is there it will probably be facing the other way! Oh how we laughed!



On tour in a Fiat 500

In 1968 one fanatic drove their Fiat 500 6,000 miles in 28 days removing the passenger seat to put in a mattress and literally living and driving in it.  When the sad time came years later for the 500 to go to the great scrap heap in the sky he said he cried.

So, huge personality, puts a smile on all driver’s faces, can be moved by a group of drunken fellas and makes grown men cry,

it’s no wonder that when Fiat decided to stop manufacturing the 500 in 1975 (after a run of almost 3 million) it was never the end!!!


On the 4th July 2007, 50 years after its original launch, the New Fiat 500 was back and following the success of ‘retro cars’ such as the BMW Mini and the VW Beatle, this little icon has never been so, err…big!

Fiat 500

Stunning, stylish and compact the Fiat 500 is back

Get your hands on a Fiat 500

The Fiat 500,  unlike the other Retros, offers a huge range of customisation’s, in fact the Tagliabue 2007 could be customised 549,936 ways!!  So with towns and cities in the UK becoming more congested, parking spaces becoming rarer and running costs becoming dearer it is no surprise that this amazing little Italian icon is here to stay and is more popular than ever!!

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