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Audi A8 Review

Audi A8

Published 27 January 2017

The Audi A8 comes as a four-door, full-size, luxury saloon car that was first manufactured in 1994. It’s now in its third generation and replaces the Audi V8. The A8 comes with front or permanent all-wheel drive and short and long wheelbase versions.


First of all, you can’t escape the sleek good looks of the Audi A8. These modestly handsome cars come in three versions – SE Executive, Sport and Black Edition.

The grille boasts horizontal chrome strips, while a chrome strip wraps around the car adding an extra touch of class to its body. The car has multi-link suspension at each end with standard air springing and electronic damper control. Audi uses aluminium alloys in the A8 and the additional strength results in a 25% more rigid structure, but also slightly lighter.

Interiors and technology gives the Audi A8 an upmarket feel

There is an upmarket feel to the A8’s interiors, designed with close attention to detail from the luxurious leather seating to the optional inlays. The Audi A8 offers drivers an organised, high-quality and business style environment to travel in, boasting polished wood and brushed aluminium.

You can choose to have the driving position however you want. Plus, you will be pleasantly surprised by the good visibility which is much better than expected, despite the thick pillars common with aluminium cars.

Given its luxury car status, it’s probably no surprise that the A8 features extremely spacious interiors. Even the short-wheelbase model offers a good amount of head and legroom. If you choose the long-wheelbase version, your rear passengers will also get much more space. The Audi A8 is a comfortable ride for passengers, with plenty of legroom in the back. And for even more legroom in the back, simply move the front passenger chair forward by remote.

But although Audi may have been generous with the head and legroom, unfortunately though, it seems to have scrimped on the size of the boot.

The Audi A8 manages to combine elegance with the very latest technology. It comes with adaptive air suspension, luxurious leather seats and HDD-based navigation including MMI Touch. The A8’s aluminium Space Frame helps reduce weight and fuel consumption and boosts the car’s agility.



The Audi A8 comes with an 8-speed tiptronic transmission system. With a Dynamic Shift Programme, it is designed to allow faster gear changes. Whether in Drive or Sport, the advanced electronics respond efficiently to every driver input, to prevent unwanted upshifts when cornering. The gearbox can also be used manually, with the driver using the paddles on the steering wheel to change gear.

Safety features

The Audi A8 may seem like it’s all about good looks and sleek interiors. But there is much more to it. As standard across the Audi range, your A8 can come with a variety of additional safety features. From lane-keep assist, adaptive cruise control to a night vision camera. Furthermore, its night vision kit boasts hi-tech LED Matrix headlights that can project 250 metres ahead without dazzling oncoming traffic.



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