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Mitsubishi L200 Pickup Review

Mitsubishi L200

Mitsubishi’s practical L200 pickup is now into its fifth generation. But it’s still easily recognisable as an L200, despite having had around 330 updates. It combines rugged burly looks, decent off-road ability with serious carrying and towing capabilities.

The interior is basic, no shiny expensive surfaces here, but it is durable nonetheless. All the important controls are within easy reach of the driver.
To adjust the seats, you will need to use a lever as electric adjustment isn’t available. You might find the seat comfort a little disappointing, especially the leather seats in the more expensive models. All of models except those at entry-level have height adjustment. You can adjust the L200’s steering wheel, although it might not be ideal for taller drivers. But you’ll find the pedals in a good position and a footrest on long journeys.

There are three different infotainment systems depending what model you go for. The lower models come with a simple slim-line unit that has a monochrome display, Bluetooth and a USB socket. Going up the range brings more equipment, but less infotainment.

Space in the Mitsubishi L200 pickup

The front space is good and even tall drivers get good head and leg room. There’s a number of storage spaces scattered around the cabin –  in the front of the gear mitsubishi l200 Pickuplever, underneath the front armrest and a pocket in each front door. 

There are three different types of cabin on the L200, a Single, Club and Double Cab. The Single Cab has two seats, the Club Cab has two occasional seats and the Double comes with three seats in the back. The Single Cab of course has no rear space, but the Club Cab’s space in the back is really quite poor. Also, to get to the back seats can be tricky as you need to fold the front seats forward. The Double Cab is a much better option for families.

The L200 has a load bay instead of a boot, which comes in different sizes depending on the cabin style. You get less interior space with the single cab but the longest bay area at 2.2 metres. The Single Cab can also take the biggest weight at 1145kg. All models can carry a standard-sized Euro pallet.

The drive
mitsubishi l200 PickupThe L200 has two engines which are the same unit, but turbocharged to different power outputs. The L200 doesn’t ride particularly well and is even worse with nothing in the load bay. It handles large bumps relatively well, but the driver and passengers will certainly feel and hear every pothole and stretch of broken tarmac.
Pick-up trucks carry heavy loads and not generally known for great handling. The L200’s rear suspension is sturdy but unsophisticated and not good for taking corners at speed.


Verdict on the Mitsubishi L200 pickup

If you want a pick-up to use as a practical working vehicle, then the L200 is a great option. It’s sturdy, good value, practical and easy to drive. But it is a functional working vehicle so if you are looking for the comfort and interior finishes of an SUV, then you may wish to look elsewhere.  

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