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BMW 5 Series Review 2017

BMW 5 Series review2017 brings forth a 9th generation for BMW in their new 5 Series range; updated from the previous generation in production from 2009 to 2016. Starting at £36,025 for the cheapest specification, up to £49,945 for the top specification in this new generation BMWs are never going to be cheap, but here we take a look at what you’ll get for your money in our BMW 5 Series review.
What’s on offer?
If you are a driver looking to do long journeys, or a little more concerned with your monthly bank balance, you will be particularly interested in the 520d Efficient Dynamics, with an official fuel consumption figure of 72.4 mpg. If you want more performance, the 530d appears effortlessly quick and just as quick on paper as the more powerful 540i petrol, but it will undoubtedly test your budget with an official figure of 43.5 mpg.

BMW 5 Series reviewFully electric seats with a memory of different driver positions are an optional extra, and there is also lumbar adjustment support as an extra too. It’s important to note, that this is an extra even on the most expensive models. There are also a choice of different trim inserts including wood and gloss black, and they run the length of the dash and the doors, designed to enhance the experience inside the car, and make it feel more upmarket. The ambient lighting is aiming at the same result, enhancing the feeling inside the car, rather than offering any actual performance improving benefits.

More room than the competitors
Whilst the 5 Series is not much bigger in the back compared to the 3 Series models, the seats are much more comfortable to sit in. In addition the doors open incredibly wide, which is a handy change. The backseats can easily fit tall people comfortably, but it is probably good advice to limit the tall people to two – three may be pushing it a bit.
BMW 5 Series reviewIf you like a bit of space when you’re driving, the BMW 5 series offers more legroom when compared to the Mercedes E Class and the Jaguar XF. The 5 Series also has a 530-litre boot, a little smaller than the Mercedes E-Class. There’s more than enough room for a couple of large bags, though, and the load bay doesn’t let the wheel arches intrude on the space. Like all saloons, the boot opening is far smaller than a hatchback or an estate, which can make loading tricky, but there is an optional electric tailgate to give you a helping hand.

Tech benefits
When you have a saloon of this size, it’s quite common to have an issue with visibility, especially when it comes to reversing or turning at slow speeds. To combat this, the 5 Series comes with a reversing camera, a self-parking system and a 360-degree birds eye view monitor. There is also an optional head’s up display function to project your speed, the speed limit and even directions onto the windscreen – so you don’t even have to look down to see what’s going on!
Just like the driver’s seat, the front passenger seat has electrical base height and backrest angle adjustment as standard, making it easy for passengers to be able to pick their ideal seating position on a journey. Again, the extra lumber support on the passenger seat is an optional extra, even on the top-level specifications.BMW 5 Series review
If it’s space and comfort you’re looking for, then the new BMW 5 Series bad credit car leasing is definitely one to make the shortlist – if you’ve the budget of course.


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