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Don’t Forget Your MOT!


It is amazing just how many motorists forget about their MOT’s, it is easily done as we are all very busy in our lives.  Depending on where you get your MOT done some garages will send you out a reminder, however many do not.  Garages are missing out on repeat custom annually which to me makes no sense, as a yearly reminder is something that can be put into place easily.  Lets face it the dentist manages it and so do the VETs, my cat never misses his flea treatment, but my car MOT has lapsed more than two months!

How do I check my car MOT expiry date?

You can easily check your car MOT date by going to the DVLA website   Here you can put in your vehicle details and it will tell you when your MOT is due and when your tax is due.


Car MOT Reminder

If you are bad credit car leasing from CVS Ltd we will send you out a reminder.  If you are not one of our customers, then set up a reminder on your mobile.  There are also websites out there that will remind you, and send you details of your nearest MOT centre, all you need to do is register with them. Google ‘MOT reminders’.

 What are the penalties of not having an MOT?

If you have booked an MOT, and are driving to that appointment, then you will not be penalised.  If however you have forgotten, and you are driving around unaware you could receive a fine of around £60 to new offenders.  If you do not pay, or you are repeatedly caught, then the fine will obviously become more expensive and you could find yourself paying  up to a £1,000.
There are several campaigns running across the UK focusing on MOT, Car Tax and Insurance so it is worth checking!


What is a car MOT?

MOT stands for Ministry of Transport, the definition according to the DVLA Website “The MOT test checks that your vehicle meets road safety and environmental standards”. You can access more free information about your vehicle from car check providers like CarVeto, hpi check and My Car Check.

If you are wondering what is checked in a Car Mot and want to save yourself some money by making your car MOT ready, take a look at MOT do your bit and save money

When do I NOT need to worry about a car MOT?

If your car is new then you do not need to get a car MOT until the vehicles third anniversary of its registration.
If you bad credit car lease a brand new car from CVS Ltd you will never pay road tax, and you may only have to pay 1 MOT depending on your leasing date, another fantastic reason to bad credit car lease from CVS Ltd!

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