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If you can avoid driving in the wintry conditions, then do so.  We all have internet, so working from home should be easy enough for the majority of workers.  Gone are the days when dialling into the company server was only for large corporate organisations.  With emails being one of the main ways we all communicate, working from home has never been easier.

Unfortunately leaving your car at home and using public transport rather than drive, is pretty much a lottery on the best of days with strikes, and leaves on the line.  So throw in a layer of snow and our public transport network generally comes to a standstill, meaning that even more of us are contemplating the drive.

If you have no other choice that to attempt to drive to work our safe winter driving tips are as follows-

  • Visibility

Make sure your car is cleared of ice

  • Time

Allow yourself plenty of extra time for your journey.

  • Smooth

Keep your driving smooth, slow and progressive.  Any abrupt controlling of the steering wheel, brakes or gears could cause your car to skid, wheel spin or get stuck.

  • Be more mindful of your surroundings

Other drivers may not be taking care.  Snow ploughs and gritters on the road can cause obstacles, and remember if you decide to overtake a snow plough you are choosing to go onto an untreated road.

The most important tip in our safe winter driving tips article is how to deal with skidding

If you are driving an automatic or 4 x 4 make sure you have it set correctly in a low ratio mode.  If you have a choice go for a front wheel drive, meaning the engine is over the front wheels giving weight and more grip.

If you feel your car start to skid keep calm and remove your foot off the accelerator allowing the car to slow by itself.  Avoid trying to use your brakes as this could make your car skid further.  In the unfortunate case of your car starting to spin, turn your steering wheel into the direction you want to go this term is ‘counter steering’ or ‘opposite lock’.  keep your eyes on the direction you want to be going and steer towards there.

The worst thing you can do as a driver is wrench the steering wheel round and over compensate.


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