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Road Rage and How to Avoid It

Road Rage

Published 19 March 2017


The best way to avoid road rage, get the bus! Actually, this is not a joking matter as we see an increase in quite horrific assaults between drivers on our roads.  So really what can we do to avoid a road rage incident?


Road rage is a frustration

The best way to avoid getting frustrated on your journey is to remove the cause, now obviously, we cannot have the roads all to ourselves, but what we could do is increase our travel time.  Getting stuck behind a slower driver, or being stuck in traffic when you feel you need to be somewhere is one of the main causes of driver’s frustration.  By increasing your travel time you will account for any unforeseen holdups.


Don’t rise to it

More road rage is caused by drivers reacting to other drivers, it is much better to ignore hostile behaviour such as offensive gestures, flashing head lights and horn hooting.  The only thing you will achieve by reacting is a road rage collision between yourself and the other driver.  There is no point in trying to explain to the driver what you were doing, or that you are in the right.  When a driver is in a rage the best and sometimes safer thing to do is ignore.  Try to always avoid confrontation.

If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot ignore or get out of the way of the driver who is in a rage, admit blame, even if you feel you were not at fault.  This should immediately defuse the situation.


Tailgating and braking

tailgating image of a car

If you are being tailgated pull over and let the driver pass

Yes, it can be annoying when you are being tailgated, or if you are following a driver that keeps on braking for no apparent reason.  Getting yourself worked up about is pointless, pullover if you are being tailgated, and remove the stress.  If you are following a car which is braking all the time, perhaps you are too close, and if you gave more distance this would stop.  If the car is going slow pass them within the speed limit in a safe area.  Try not to be tempted to be aggressive with gestures.

Removing the frustrations and defusing road rage from other drivers will make your car journeys much more pleasant, and you will find that when you arrive at your destination you will feel a lot calmer.


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