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Put your foot down at a UK race track

If you have a need for speed and enjoy getting the most out of your car, then there’s an array of great race tracks across the U.K. for you to satisfy your inner racing car driver.

Race track on Norwegian Joy

Race track on Norwegian Joy

But how about car racing in the middle of the sea? Well, one of the world’s newest and biggest cruise liners not only boasts an array of impressive features, it also has a car racing track on the top deck. The liner called Norwegian Joy, cost an impressive £600 million to build and the first purpose-built liner for Chinese travellers. The liners’ two-level race track, which winds around the huge ship, is the first ever at sea. The track can hold up to 10 cars at a time, reaching speeds of up to 40mph.

But if you would rather keep your feet, or wheels, on dry land, then test out some of these U.K. race tracks.


Abingdon Airfield in Oxfordshire, also known as RAF Abingdon, was originally opened in 1932 by the Ministry of Defence and used by the Royal Air Force. The RAF stopped using the airfield in 1992 and it’s now a popular race track. Abingdon hold regular track days throughout the year and is particularly popular with beginners. The track’s layout offers a mix of technical corners with long straights, allowing for speeds for over 100mph without the risk of colliding with barriers.


After a complete circuit re-design in 2007, Wales’ Anglesey race track now boasts four circuit layouts. Once an area used as a site to launch rockets for the army, the owners joined up the road network left by the military to create the race circuit. Anglesey track days are home to a number of bike and car races and track days throughout the year.

Fleet of cars at Bedford Autodrome Race Track

Fleet of cars at Bedford Autodrome Race Track

Bedford Autodrome

Located on what was once an aerospace airbase, Bedford’s unique four main circuits all link together and form a 3.6-mile circuit or 34 other configurations. Created by Formula One driver Jonathan Palmer, the circuit includes corners, S beds, hairpins and high speed sections to push any car and driver to the limit. With no barriers, it’s a perfect first track day circuit. It’s also where Channel Five’s Fifth Gear presenters test drive cars on the track.

Blyton Park

Blyton Park in the east midlands offers a challenging and fun 1.6-mile track day circuit. The new high grip surface offers great run off and perfect for beginners. The more experienced rider or driver will appreciate the technical layout of the Eastern Circuit.


Goodwood Race Track car going under bridge

The Famous Goodwood Race Track

One of the most famous British circuits, Goodwood was revamped in 1998 as a circuit and now operates for testing and track days and the popular annual festival of speed. The circuit boasts over 2.5 miles, with higher speed bends and straights and multiple chicanes.


One of the racing circuit’s hidden gems, Pembrey race track in Wales offers great racing of almost one and a half miles of improved track. The track was revamped in 2001, and is set to have further updates this year. The current layout is ruled by two crucial corners, Brooklands Hairpin and Honda Curve, that lead to a fast part of the circuit that demands speed. The inside of the circuit is continuous bends, with a tight Hatchers hairpin at the end of the longest straight.

Wondering how to get to one of the UK’s race tracks?

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