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What do you do if you see a Spaceman? Park man!! but not if its your neighbours parking spot!

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It can be very frustrating, not being able to park near your home

When you live on a busy street, which is close to a school, shops or a train station you may well face the stress of finding a parking space near your home.  In the road I live in we are far enough away from any of the above, and there is an almost an unwritten rule amongst the neighbours that we all avoid parking outside each other’s houses.  I guess I am one of the lucky ones, however if unlike me you run the lottery each day as to whether you will be able to park near your house, it can become a complete wind up!

What are the laws on parking do you have a right?

If you are living in a street for permit holders only then are you are covered by the law, should someone chance a space without a permit.  If you have a drive way then this cannot be legally blocked, as driveways have dropped kerbs (the highway code states no parking over a dropped kerb).

Unfortunately, you have no legal rights to the road area outside of your house.  If someone chooses to park there, their car is road legal, and not causing an obstruction to the highway, there is nothing you can do about it.

Driveway frustrations

Image of neighbour arguing with a driver of a car

Etiquette, common sense and good manners to help resolve car parking matters

If you are lucky enough to have a driveway then this of course alleviates the problem of parking, but can also increase neighbour tensions if you choose not to use it.  If you have enough room in front of your home for a driveway, and you choose to put one in, it can increase the value of your house for the future.  Getting planning permission for a driveway can be tricky, depending on where you are in the country.  Many driveways are being blamed for local flooding, as areas for water to soak away are becoming less and less.  You may find as part of your driveway installation you will need a decent soak away to also be installed.

What’s the answer to parking outside your house?

Whilst there are no laws stopping people from parking directly outside your house, even if they do not live in your street, we can only hope for drivers to think about other people.

Etiquette, common sense and good manners are the only ingredients required for a stress free parking solution – Oh dear, its an ongoing problem then!

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