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Motorway Breakdown

Published 3 November 2016


Breaking down in your car on a motorway is not only an inconvenience in our busy lives but can also be dangerous.

So here are some of our motorway breakdown tips.

  • Firstly if your car is not running correctly the safest thing to do is get off the motorway at the earliest means possible, and not risk trying to make your destination.
  • If you feel that your car will not make nearest exit then pull over to the hard shoulder making sure you keep over to the left as much as possible with your wheels turned into the left.
  • If your car is totally Kaput and you are in a lane, immediately put on your hazards and call 999 and leave your seat belt on.

Once you are stationary.

  • Make sure you are visible, hazard lights should be on and side lights.

If you have made it to the hard shoulder.

  • Get you and you passengers out of the car exiting on the left hand side only.
  • Wait beyond the barrier and move away up the bank or into the verge.
  • If you do have reflective jackets put them on, but in reality unless you are a workman this will not probably be the case
  • use your mobile to call for assistance, if you do not have the use of a mobile then follow the arrows on the posts at the back of the hard shoulder, these will direct you an emergency phone which connects directly to the police.

If you are a lone female.

It is important that you follow the same safety precautions above, however if you feel vulnerable by another person, get back into your car.  Entering on the left hand side and lock the doors.  Once you feel safe again exit the car. Always sit in the passengers side as this will give the impression that you are not alone and there is a driver nearby.
Pretend to be talking on your mobile/call someone, this will give the impression that you are being assisted and that someone knows where you are and the situation you are in whilst you wait for help.

If you have a disability.

If you are unable to exit the car safely, then stay put and call for the emergency services.
The reality is that if you breakdown on the motorway in the UK assistance is not too far away, further more if you are considered to be vulnerable the police will be with you no time at all.

Avoid breaking down.

Make sure your car is regularly serviced and maintained.


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