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Published 28 June 2019


How to Keep Children (and Adults) Entertained on Road Trips

If you enjoy playing games on road trips – and want to limit use of tablets and screens, check out the following games.  Some of you may have played them yourself when you were younger, and others may be new to you. They are all great for car trips or any time you need to keep children entertained to make the journey more enjoyable for everyone.


I Spy

Most people know this game, and it’s great for all ages. You need at least two people to play but there is no maximum.  For each round one person is the ‘spy’. The spy picks an object that all players can see and says ‘I spy with my little eye, something beginning with…’, stating the first letter of the object that they have chosen. Then, go around the group and give each player a chance to guess what object you chose. The first person to guess correctly gets to start the next round and be the next spy.



This has the simplest of rules. When going through a long tunnel players hold their breath.  The player who holds their breath the longest wins.


Picnic Game

This is a memory game. Every player has to concentrate hard on what they say and what other players say.  The first player says “I went to a picnic and brought…” followed by an object beginning with ‘A’. For example “I went to a picnic and brought an apple”. The next player has to repeat all that went before and end with an item beginning with ‘B’. For example “I went to a picnic and brought an apple and a banana” and so on.  You can vary the game any way you like, so instead of a picnic it could be “I went on holiday and brought …” or “I went shopping and brought …”  


Yes and No Game / 20 Questions

One player has to think of an object, person, film, then you let the players know that they have to guess the object/person or film (whichever you chose).  The players then ask up to 20 questions each to try and work out what ‘it’ is. Each player asks a question in turn, and they can only ask questions that can be answered with a yes or a no. The person who guesses correctly goes next, or if no-one guesses you have another turn.


Colour Game

 A game with very few rules! Each player chooses a colour, so every player has a different colour. The aim of the game is to see 10 vehicles in your chosen colour. The first person to spot 10 vehicles in their colour wins.    


Car Bingo

This games needs some preparation before the journey. Make up some printed lists (one for each player) of things you might see on your journey. For example: church, sheep, tractor, river, red flower etc.   You can type out the short descriptions or use pictures (which makes it easier for younger children). As you drive players tick or cross off the items they see.  The person with the most points wins.


Alphabet Game

If you want a non-competitive but fun game then this one is good for children who know their alphabet. Player 1 has to look around for an object that begins with the letter ‘A’, then they say it out loud such as ‘aeroplane’.  Player 2 then looks for an object beginning with the letter ‘B’ and so on. When it comes to difficult letters like Q and Z you can stretch the rules to include signs or license plates that contain the letters.


Word Association Game

Another non competitive game which is suitable for all ages. The person who starts the game says one word – it can be anything.  The next person has to say a word that is some how connected to the previous word and so on. For example Player 1 says ‘house’, Player 2 says ‘garden’ and Player 3 says ‘grass’ … It’s meant to be a quick fire game – the faster the more fun.


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