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Common Driving Test Fails and Driving Test Myths

learner driver fails

Driving tests are in no doubt getting harder, which is correct given the increase in traffic on our roads.  Most of us will study hard for our theory and take driving lessons with professional instructors.  However some of us will foolishly offer to teach friends and family members how to drive –  word to the wise though, only offer to do this if you have nerves of steel, you have an extremely good relationship and you are not using your own car!

driving tests

Beware of offering to teach family & friends!


Driving tests of the future

The driving test was introduced in the UK in 1935 and cost seven shillings and six pence, since then as motoring evolves so does the test.  The most recent change to the driving test came 2010 ‘Independent Driving’.  I do wonder what will happen in the future if we are all to be driving autonomous cars, will we need to take a test in a virtual car, or will there be a specific autonomous car for learners teaching us and pointing out the dangers as we go?

Driving Test myths

Driving testsHere are a few ‘un truths’ regarding driving tests.

  • There is a quota of passes that an examiner has once this is reached all other tests are failures
  • Drive very slowly to show you are careful
  • Keep moving your head, so the examiner thinks you are constantly checking your mirrors
  • You will never pass on a Friday



Here are some classic reasons why people have failed their driving test

  • Driving on the wrong side of the roaddriving tests
  • Queuing behind parked cars
  • Turning into a no entry
  • Confusion between left and right
  • Taking driving direction from your favourite movie, and weaving between traffic
  • Distracted by a good looking pedestrian


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