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Costs of Driving

How to Reduce the Cost of Motoring

Reduce the Costs of Motoring

Save on Fuel and Save Money

We are all constantly on the go driving around in our car, long journeys and short journey, before we know it the fuel gage is telling us we need to get more fuel.  With petrol prices starting to crawl upwards, how can we save on fuel?

How you drive affects your fuel consumption


Yes, it is quite obvious! If we are heavy on our feet we will be using more fuel consumption, changing the way you drive will save you money try to avoid heavy braking and harsh acceleration along with excessive speed.  Makes sure you are in the right gear less strain on the engine will also save your fuel.

According to the National Energy Foundation by using the air con in your car can increase your fuel consumption by as much as 20%

Tyre Pressure
Keep a check on your tyre pressures at least once a fortnight to make sure that the pressure is correct.  A drop-in tyre pressure can affect your fuel consumption, a drop just of 0.4 bar or six psi can cause up to 20% more fuel being consumed.

Remove any roof racks that you do not use regularly.

Empty your car of any excess weight you are carrying around on a daily basis that you do not need.

Going to a cheaper pump
Looking for the cheapest fuel prices, is time consuming and this does take planning.  Obviously, it is not worth driving out of your way to a pump, because the savings you could make may well have just been used on the journey you took to get there. Think about your regular journeys and the garages you pass and what their fuel costs are.
Other ways to bring down the cost of motoring is to lease a vehicle, if you lease from CVS Ltd you will be getting a car no older than a year.  This means better engines and better fuel consumption.  Furthermore, costs will be saved on your road tax, as we will pay the road tax for the duration of your lease.  No worries of a car depreciating in value, because at the end of our lease deals you simply swap your vehicle for a newer one or you can upgrade to a different type.

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