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What Does Your Company Vehicle Say About Your Business?

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Company Vehicles – Good Image Is Everything

With your business up and running another great way of getting your name out there is with company vehicles, it is time to think about the image you need to portray when out on the road.

You may have a number of company reps visiting clients to deliver services or drum up business or you may prefer to advertise your business in a simpler way when driving to and from work. This is where the company vehicle can play a powerful and effective part in your marketing strategy.

Now, you may be thinking that the cost involved in purchasing a vehicle for company use is more than you can factor in. There is a more cost-effective way though of getting you or your workforce into company vehicles and that is business vehicle leasing.

With CVS Ltd’s Business Vehicle Leasing scheme you can hire a car or van for an agreed period and a contracted monthly rate. You can do this even if you have a bad credit score or if, like most new businesses you have no credit history.

You can have business vans sign written these days for all budgets, you may also wish to consider magnetic signs which can be placed on which ever vehicles you want this can be very handy for company cars.

Having a new or nearly new company vehicle gives a good impression to your customers and competitors.  Get your company vehicles sign written in your corporate colours, this will help not only with promoting your business but also will also help your business brand become recognised, the more familiar your logo and colours the more confidence people will have to use your business.

Encourage Courteous Driving

company vehicles

Remember to brief your staff when driving business vehicles to be sensible drivers and courteous at all times whilst on the road.  ‘How am I driving’ signs can be seen on the back of many vans these days, so there is an opportunity for members of the public to call in and tell you, make sure its positive!

Hand signals should be kept to waving people to pull out in front of you, and putting a hand up to say thank you and not used to portray frustration no matter how tempting it is.

Keep it Smart and Clean

Make sure that you keep your company vehicles clean inside and out, and avoid ‘interesting’ messages being left in the grime.

There is no point having a good business image, a decent business fleet of vehicles, then have a couple of vans that are dirty.

company vehicles
The message is clear, but not the right one!

There is also no point in spending money on eye catching sign writing and imagery if no one can read it through the dirt.
Keep the vehicle clean inside, lots of mess and rubbish could portray a messy business, unorganised and slap dash.

What is the way forward with leasing company vehicles?

Getting a business vehicle on lease is an excellent way of getting a new or nearly new van or car that you may not be able to afford outright when starting a new business.  Your initial payment when business leasing is vastly lower than an outright purchase, and there after you have regular monthly payments which allows you to budget keeping your finances in check.

Business leased vehicles can be sign written, and at CVS Ltd we can discuss your mileage at the beginning of the lease and create a leasing agreement that suits your business.

No need to worry about vehicle depreciation, you simply hand back the vehicle and either lease another newer vehicle or walk away.
If you want to know more about Business Vehicle Leasing why not get in touch with CVS? Whether you’re just starting out or want to take your business to the next level, we’re sure to be able to find the right business vehicle leasing arrangement for you!

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